The famously unarmed British police officer was effectively when dealing with British criminals.

Now, facing mobs of Third World savages, clearly that isn’t working.

I suspect that the Metropolitan police will end up pulling a Ferguson Effect on steroids.

They won’t bother trying to do anything when it means getting stomped by a mob.

Law enforcement in Britain is over.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The famously unarmed British police”
  1. Formerly “great” Britain is dead. They surrendered decades ago. All that’s left is a carcass the invading hordes are fighting over. We’re next.

  2. The UK’s biggest mistake is assuming these “asylum” seekers want to adopt British moral standards.
    In fact, that is the mistake made by all the leftists. They assume that everyone else is just like them, and for some reason, they seem surprised when people are not.

  3. Considering that the UK Gestapo have been openly collaborating with muslim sex traffickers for YEARS, forgive me if my first thought when watching that video was “it’s a shame they didn’t get a few good kicks in on his head.”

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