Immediately after the Colleyville Synagogue hostage crisis ended the FBI downplayed the role of anti-Semitism as a motivation.

At the time, I, along with the rest of the Jewish community, called bullshit.

Now more facts have come out that really show the extent to which the FBI is a lying sack of shit organization.

Texas synagogue terrorist ranted about “f***ing Jews” in last call to family made during siege

The British terrorist who took four people hostage inside a Texas synagogue ranted about the “f***ing Jews” in the final phone call he made to his family during the siege, a recording obtained exclusively by the JC reveals.

In a chilling conversation with his brother in Blackburn from inside the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Malik Faisal Akram, 44, said: “I’m opening the doors for every youngster in England to enter America and f*** with them”.

Addressing fellow jihadists, he shouted: “Live your f***ing life bro, you f***ing coward. We’re coming to f***ing America. F*** them if they want to f*** with us. We’ll give them f***ing war.”

In a semi-coherent ramble about American conflicts overseas, the terrorist said: “Why do these f***ing motherf***ers come to our countries, rape our women and f*** our kids? I’m setting a precedent… maybe they’ll have compassion for f***ing Jews.”

He added: “I promised my brother on his deathbed that I’d go down a martyr.”

The whole call war recorded and has been made available.

The FBI had the audio and still lied to preserve The Narrative, until the magnitude of the blowback made them admit the obvious.

This is the most dishonest and untrustworthy group of fuckers ever assembled.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “The FBI’s original statement on the Colleyville Synagogue was more bullshit than I originally thought”
  1. I read in some reports he was a known terrorist supporter and had a criminal record in the UK. And they still let him into the US.

    1. That’s what phrases such as “No comment at this time” and “we will have a statement when we know more” are for.

  2. How about we start being extra careful of the British? After all he was a British terrorist…

    Even as they admit he was attacking Jews, they deny he was Muslim.

  3. Another example of FBI lies is “they rescued the three hostages”. They did no such thing. The hostages escaped on their own. Once they were safe, the FBI stormed the building and killed the terrorist. If one were a cynic, one might wonder about the reasons they did that rather than capture him alive.

    1. Caroline Glick observes that the details of what happened there are still not known. (
      But the fact of the matter is that at least initially, no one was casting aspersions on the professional competence that De Sarno and his team demonstrated outside Beth Israel. True, the FBI didn’t free the hostages. The hostages freed themselves. And true, we still don’t know how Akram was killed, and if it was the FBI officers who killed him, why they killed him.
      I’d say she is more charitable than I am about the FBI’s professionalism and integrity. For example, she mentions that the FBI didn’t free anyone but doesn’t call out their false claim that they did. But her point that it still remains a secret how the bad guy died is interesting, and suspicious.

  4. Listened to that phone call…wow.

    I have a hard time trying to see this through the FBI and leftists’ eyes. I really want a peek at the playbook they have, “the narrative”. The entire MSM is waiting with baited breath to find out if the perp is white, and then when we find out he isn’t, then everyone in reach of a microphone plays down the truth or outright lies. They must be scared, or maybe its just about ensuring they have the muslim vote next time.

  5. Doesn’t anyone else notice the irony of a Pakistani in Britain complaining about people who go to foreign lands and r*pe the women and girls?

  6. The FBI has made there choice.
    Support Traitors and Communists.

    So be it.

    It isn’t how it’s suppose to be.
    But….Reality, is.

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