The last 48 hours has been really bad for me in terms of Lefty Jews hand wringing about everything but an antisemitic Islamist terrorist hostage incident at a Synagogue.

It’s crystal clear that Leftist Jews want Jews to be less safe, more open to attack, and therefore more likely to die.

I thought that Ariel Gold of IfNotNow or Rabbi Ruttenberg were peak Yevsektsiya, but I think i found the worst.

It started with this (now deleted) obscenity:


I am almost at loss for words.

Ignore for a moment that she is factually wrong about Kyle Rittenhouse, the idea that a SWAT team should not take out a guy who took hostages at gunpoint and threatened to blow up the building with bombs because said hostage taker didn’t actually kill anyone is beyond the pale of reason.

Of course, in her world, the only reason there police would shoot a man who took four hostages at gunpoint and threatened to detonate bombs is anti-Pakistani racism and Islamophobia.

I looked into this woman’s other Tweets and she is evil.

She has a seething hatred of white (Ashkenazi) Jews.

Every post in reference to the Colleyville Synagogue hostage crisis is either to defend Islam from criticism or criticize white Jews for wanting security with the accusation that wanting security is racist against Jews of color.

Her statement “white Jews to sit with the fact that your experiences with antisemitism do not make you People of Color, that Jews of Color do, in fact, exist, and that this language hurts us.”  Is particularly disgusting.

Ashkenazi Jews, that is Jews of Central and Eastern Europe (including Russia) were not considered white.  The entire basis of Hitler’s Final Solution was that Jews were not ethically European.

Only very recently did the Left decide that Jews are white and only because of socioeconomic reasons.

Now here is this person lumping Ashkenazi Jews in with white people explicitly to deny us any minority status or sympathy.

“When you talk about “the Jewish community” has come to inherently mark whiteness as a basis for Jewish humanity.”  This is upside-down as the basis for ghettoizing the Jewish community was that white supremacists told us we were not white.

So I’ve been trying to figure this person out.

She has put more effort in the last 48 hours to attacking white Jews for being racist than criticizing antisemitic terrorism.

Nearly a third of her Tweets are about solidarity with the Palestinians.

The rest are anti-Zionist lies.

What I’m about to do is Taboo but I feel like I must do it.

In Judaism, a Jew is a Jew.  Someone who converted yesterday is just as much of a Jew as someone who can trace their lineage back to the forefathers.

To question a convert or suggest they are not Jewish is a taboo, but I’m going to do it.

This person clearly hates the majority of the US Jewish population because of our skin color.

She obviously hates Israel and Zionism.

She defends Islam and stumps for Palestinians.

I think she converted to be a fifth column.

She can say the most vicious and vile things about the Jewish community and then say “but I’m a Jew.”

I think she’s a racist antisemite who converted for cover.

And I think the Lefist Jewish community that embraces her is welcoming in a fifth column.

At a time like this after an attack on Jews we should come together in solidarity.

Understand that our enemies see us as monolithic.

That’s why Islamists attack Jews around the world.  When some Palestinian supporter stabs a Jew in London, Paris, or Berlin, or beats up a Jew in New York City or South Florida, they believe they are striking a blow against Israel because all Jews everywhere are equal targets.

This hostage taker in Texas proved that when he attacked a Synagogue in Texas, in part, because he hated Israel.

At that same moment we have Leftist Jews inside the Jewish community attacking white Jews as white supremacists for wanting to be safe in our houses of worship.

I cannot stress this enough.  Leftist Jews are out to destroy our community.  Dividing it along racial lines at the very instant we sound have unity and demanding we make ourselves weaker and more vulnerable.

The Left fervently believes that the only good Jew is the dead Jew because a dead Jew is a victim, and they want to make us all into good Jews.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The fifth column in the Jewish community”
  1. “So I’ve been trying to figure this person out.”

    I think you were able to do that. This is just a subdivision of the larger Left. The goal is to fundamentally transform the United States of America. Marxism, Socialism, take your pick. Whatever gets them into power. Religion is either a useful tool or just something in the way towards that goal.

  2. The entire basis of Hitler’s Final Solution was that Jews were not ethically European.

    Well, he didn’t consider most of the population of Europe to be acceptable, either. Slav? Greek?

  3. Is there any evidence that this person is a Jew? Having some Hebrew letters scribbled next to her twitter handle doesn’t count.
    It may not be a case of “fifth column” but rather “false flag”.

  4. The old definition of a liberal (now a leftist) is:
    “Someone who is so open minded they will not take their own side in an argument.”

    It used to be kind of funny, but lately it has turned into a “hold my beer.” competition to see who can be the biggest self hater out there.

  5. As a Jew by choice, I say attack away. Your analysis is spot on. I know quite a few converts and quite a few hereditary Jews. A good portion of non-orthodox or Chabad converts seem to be politically conservative, whereas hereditary seem to range from left-leaning “independent” to ultra-leftist. There are exceptions to both; however, exceptions don’t make the rule.

    I find most non-reform/reconstructionist converts to be much more strict with their observance, participation and solidarity with Israel than their hereditary counterparts; likely because of the education they receive and their age.

    Bear in mind, I’m only comparing U.S. born and raised hereditary Jews with converts here; there’s a very different discussion when you bring the foreign born and raised variable into the discussion.

    Pkoning makes an interesting point.

  6. If she actually has Hebrew roots, you can bet she is a member of the tribe of the Golden Calf, you know, the ones that abandoned G-d?

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