This is security cameras footage from an armed robbery turned shootout.


Look at all the blood spraying out of the thief’s neck.

He was struck in a major artery.

It was a fatal hit, and he collapsed and died.

But before he did, he managed to kill the security guard who shot him, shooting the guard repeatedly in the back.

Just because you made a fatal hit on the bad guy, doesn’t mean the fight is over.

The fight is over when the bad guy stops fighting.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The fight isn’t over just because you killed the bad guy”
  1. Wow. Looks like the only reason the security guard didn’t get shot in the back of the head is the robber ran out of ammo.

    1. It’s from the battleship days, but “continue firing until the target changes shape or catches fire” is just as applicable in your house hallway and the bank lobby as it is in the middle of the Pacific.

      The security guard is looking out the front door rather than at the potential bad guys when it starts which didn’t help him any. It looks like he was equipped with a revolver, probably a generic 38 Special, loaded with who-knows-what, but even with round nose 158 grain lead projectiles, a couple in the eye sockets (or close to them) from behind something approaching (or simulating) cover would have been more useful than trying to scurry away on all fours.

      Sorry for the guard, but useful info for the rest of us.

      1. And sometimes you keep firing even after the target has caught fire. Just like with this robber’s arterial bleeding, “on fire” doesn’t necessarily mean “out of the fight”.

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