That last part is bullshit.

The eco-elites have already told us that gas, along with meat, energy, and everything else they don’t want us to have has to get more expensive.

What Biden doesn’t want is the ramifications of raising gas prices another couple of bucks before Christmas.

It’s hard not to believe this is deliberate enemy action against us, every action taken on oil makes us more dependent on overseas foreign oil and less independent, as well as scuttling one of the strongest domestic sectors of the economy.  A sector which is overwhelmingly high paying, in rural/Red areas, dominated by men, and conservative.

The outcome for you and I is another couple of bucks per gallon for gas.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The f**kening is about to intensify, here come $8 gas”
  1. And when gas is $10 a gallon they will blame Trump.

    Remember to them the want her humanity to pre-industrial levels of emission. That would bring the population of the world down to pre-industrial levels. The population of the world in the preindustrial era was 170 million. In order to get where they want we’d have to get the human population back down to that level. Starving, freezing and shooting over 7.5 billion people is an acceptable course of action to take.

  2. This line doesn’t deliver to the U.S., but from western Canada to eastern Canada, hence the treaty invocation. This would screw over Canadians to make a few hippies feel good while being worse for the environment by forcing that product onto road rail and lake tanker instead. These people are empty headed fools, fortunately this being an international matter means the actual chance of a shut down is low.

    1. Ontario and Quebec will just import more expensive Mideastern Oil through the St. Lawrence Seaway. And Alberta will lose another market for their oil. So the International Price of oil increases, Canada becomes more dependent on Mideast oil, and suddenly property tax contributions from Enbridge to lots of very rural, very poor counties in Michigan disappear. Those taxes that pay for schools, police, and roads.

      F. Joe Biden looks at that as a win, Win, WIN!

  3. United Refining in Warren PA gets its crude from Canada about 70000 barrels a day. That will cause a bigger problem on an area the size Connecticut and Massachusetts combined.

  4. Liberals never cease to amaze….they have to study what shutting down a pipeline will do to fuel costs?? Really??

    Being in MI, this has been going on for awhile – Whitmer tried this and blamed it on on the age of the pipeline and that it would cause an environmental disaster. She couldn’t get it done, so now the Feds want a crack at it.

  5. THIS shiite is why Im AMAZED that We the People don’t reopen keystone pipeline and just start drilling in all the areas we were drilling under Trumpy. Some faceless gubmint “official” says shut it down and we meekly comply??? Why?

    1. Because then the police and feds with guns show up, arrest you and seize all your millions of dollars of equipment. It ain’t like hiiding a still on the back forty.

  6. I would think that they would reflect on Tuesday’s election and reconsider their direction. But they are nothing if not committed to their insanity.

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