J Kb. did a nice work analyzing the anti-gun measures so I am not going over them again. However it is time we realize we are in trouble: We are being outspent and our strategies are being outsmart because we simply have not changed them and it is time to do so.
I am not saying that we dump what we have been doing till now, but we need to add fresh strategies and take the fight to the enemy. We also must understand that the enemy is not just the Gun Control Department of the Liberal/Progressive Movement, but it is the whole package. With that in mind, it is time to play dirty and take the fight to them so this is what I propose:


Obviously they will initially go crazy and say no, which is when you grab them by the short and curlies. Imagine them trying to defend their position implying that some parts of the Bill Of Rights matters while others don’t. They have been badgering legalization of marijuana and pointing out so many people who became felons for possessing the “evil weed” but when it comes to clear such and injustice and restoring their rights, are they going to suddenly have a change of heart and say “fuck ’em”? Do you know what a coup would it be to remove  the Reefer Vote out of the hands of the Liberals? Do you have any doubt that the new Secretary of Agriculture got there because she knows about crops or because she promised the legalization of pot and people bought it?

This is one strategy. I hope we come up with more and please, being polite against them is not required.  Dirty politics are approved.

One last note: We (gun owners) need to stop harping on each other’s Gun Organizations. We need to self-impose a moratorium on the shit-throwing as not to present an image of fragmentation and thus weakness. If politicians think we are not united and we cannot deliver a vote, they will ignore us again.

Power perceived is power achieved.

PS: Moratorium does not apply to Dudley Brown and his scam groups. They need to be politically and economically burn to the ground and salt the ashes.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “The Florida ballot measure we need.”
  1. Adding- there are 200-300 million gun owners in the USA. WHY ARENT ALL OF THEM MEMBERS OF ANY GUN RIGHTS GROUP???? Get the FUK off yer ass and join 1. Speak up! Complacency breeds failure! Get yer buddys to join. Yes we work have familys ect. Without FREEDOM we wont have anything. Now go join and go ahead and hate me , I dont care about yer feelings. I care about FREEDOM

    1. Damn right! I don’t know why there isn’t at least 50 million pro-gun-group members. Maybe they are afraid of getting on someone’s list? Hell, you already ARE on someone’s list! I agree — join up!

      Not bragging, just to show a point: I’m a Benefactor Life Member of the NRA, I still donate regularly to the ILA and NRA funding drives, and I belong to the VCDL AND Florida Carry. I write letters to legislators.

      Do I agree 100% on everything all the pro-gun groups do? NO.

      BUT, I disagree 100% with what the anti-gunners do.

      Worst of all, it has now become clear what their end goal is: The slimy, deep-pocket billionaire backers of the various anti-gun groups: financing dozens of phony “grass-roots” groups, pumping money into fake pollsters, financing fake ballot initiatives, financing paid protesters, and the like.

      Worst of all: financing socialists for Congress who can’t even pass a seventh-grade Civics exam. Why?

      Why on Earth would a Billionaire want to turn the country into a communist state? Hmmm. Maybe, they want more than money (they already have that). What they want is to be sitting in the Oligarchy Board Room, so they can turn us all into puppets for their amusement. Or I could be wrong, and it’s even worse than that.

      Just my 2 cents.

      Listen y’all: I don’t care if Wayne LaPierre did something 30 years ago to piss you off. So. What. Joint the NRA. 100 million gun owners and shy of 6 million NRA members? These numbers just ENCOURAGE the anti gunners. … And the borderline Republicans who think that they can skate by without the gun vote.

      Join the NRA and at least one other pro-gun group! And write those letters to the Republicans and put them on notice.

      Like the snake flag from the American Revolution, that shows a snake cut up into 13 pieces, each one representing an American colony. The motto below says: “Join, or Die!”

      I prefer “Join.”

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