I saw this Tweet and it made me do a double-take.

To explain this whole thing:

Governor Ron DeSantis removed the disgraced Sheriff Scott Israel from office for “neglect of duty” and gross incompetence for his department’s failure to properly respond to both the Parkland shooting and the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting the year before.

Scott Israel sued the governor and the Florida courts decided that DeSants had the right and justification to fire him.

Florida State Senate Democrats found a Special Master to review Scott Israel’s firing and decided that the Governor and court were wrong and he should be reinstated.

The State Senate now has the ability to vote to overturn DeSantis’ decision and make Scott Israel Broward County Sheriff again.

I absolutely believe that they should vote on this.  It will come down to party lines because DeSantis ran partly on removing Scott Israel and getting to the bottom of the Parkland shooting response.

I don’t believe that the State Senate should reinstate Scott Israel.  But every Democrat state senator will have to answer to why they wanted such an incompetent boob of a Sheriff, who bumble fucked two consecutive mass shooting in two consecutive years, reinstated over the wishes of the parents of the Parkland victims.

It will make the Florida State Senate election campaigns fun to watch.


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By J. Kb

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