Early last Thursday morning (November 20), a mentally ill man entered the Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus and began shooting.  It was 12:30 am and approximately 100 students were studying in the library at the time.  The mentally ill man had complained to friends about government conspiracies and had told others that he was being targeted by some sort of invisible weapon.  Prior to the problems associated with his mental illness, the man had been an attorney and received his undergraduate degree from FSU.


The man started shooting outside the library with a .380 pistol.  He hit two students.  One of his victims was only grazed and immediately reported the incident to police.  After shooting the victims outside, the mentally ill man walked in to the library, allegedly firing a shot at student Jason Derfuss as they passed.  That shot hit Jason’s backpack and was stopped by a book he had just checked out of the library.

via The Florida State University Shooting | Active Response Training.

This one is a very good post. Good info to be processed  & absorbed. Don’t miss the last part or how mindset is key.

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  1. May be the first time I’ve been glad that the .380 has poor stopping power.

    My dad really likes automatics chambered in it. I’d prefer to carry around something with a little more authority.

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