When students at Emory University headed to classes Monday morning, they were greeted with a sight that a number of them couldn’t stomach: Numerous chalk messages around the Atlanta campus supporting Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.So about 40 students gathered later that day at the school’s administration building to protest the messages and demand help from university officials over feeling “afraid” and “in pain” due to the political messages.

Source: College Students Say They Felt “Afraid” and “In Pain” After Seeing Presidential Campaign Graffiti Chalked On Campus – Daily Headlines

I know that we complain about what is gonna happen to the future, but if you have kids and think about it, they are going to be more than OK. They will probably be in the top rungs of the Future. Why? Well, how are you raising your kids? Precious and delicate snowflakes or self-assured individuals? They are probably polite and taught not to start a fight, but to finish it once it starts. If When the shit hits the fan, it is not going to be the fetal-position-assuming college graduates that will step up to the plate, but those who were taught right from wrong and to do what it takes to protect family and country. Hell, even if we end up a banana country, who will have the balls to start slapping triggered little jerks and tell them to be proper serfs?

There is no such thing as assault with a deadly whine. And “Safe Spaces” ain’t bulletproof.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “The Future does not belong to the “Castrati.””
  1. “‘Do you know how much it costs to get tears and snot out of a Range Rover leather seat?’ bellowed Dusty Pirkins, Gender Indeterminate Non-Factual Research major. ‘Well, I don’t, but you can bet my Dad does!’

    “‘We had no idea we’d be exposed to facts when we came to college,’ screamed Summer Frock-Waters, basket blanket artisan. She then collapsed onto her AMG Mercedes, spilling a delicious mocha latte onto a smartphone the size of a baking sheet and howling, ‘My pain is so real and it’s my pain!'”

    Those silly Emeroids…


  2. I’m actually embarrassed for the Historic Left at the moment. THIS contemptuous batch of mewling crybullies are the ideological descendants of the old American Labor movement?

    This lot seriously needs to turn in their Che shirts. Wait, check that. The fact that Che shirts are most often worn by pampered members of the Bourgeoisie has a wonderful irony to it.

  3. Trump needs to rent a billboard or twenty overlooking the Emory campus.

    Do it! Do It for the Children!

    (Do it for the 24/7 publicity for a minimum of three days straight, Donald.)

  4. My big sister, currently a light colonel with USAMRIID, did her doctoral work there. The same specialist who treats President Carter treats Mom. Hell, I have a Mercer Lacrosse ball cap Sissy got me. (Yes, we’re trust fund babies)

    But damn, when did they start admitting the underwater basket weavers?

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