This is not a parody, it’s from a European sexual health website.

I don’t believe most German men do want to have gay sex with anyone, let alone an immigrant from North Africa or the Middle East.

Shit like this is why there is a growing Far Right/neo-Fascist pushback in Europe.

It will be terrible and it will be a result of the Woke Progressive Left being crazy and unable to moderate itself.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “The Germans are going to elect someone worse than Hitler and this is why”
  1. Interesting how the European-German is positioned to be the bottom to the African-German top.

    Man, I wish I could get a government job illustrating my personal fetish pornographic comic.

    “Welcome to your first day of orientation at the Oregon Department of Agriculture Division of Weights and Measures. We’re going to start with a basic slideshow on workplace safety entitled Catholic Schoolgirls in Trouble.”

  2. Don’t even know where to begin. Most German men…hey German guys, did you know your government has you and your girlfriend/wife in basically cuck status for immigrants?

  3. Are you sure Europe will go Faxcist/ Racist?

    My money is on the Islamic Supremacists becoming Supreme. I hope Poland and Eastern Europe can hold the line.

    (Either way? The European Jews are going to be F*ucking F*cked.)

    1. Germany, England, Northern Ireland, and huge swathes of the Balkans are going to collapse into a shithole suzerainties of the Caliphate; Poland, Spain, and France will collapse into fascist authoritarian shitholes in response; and Scotland, Ireland, Greeze and Italy are going to collapse into shithole socialist welfare states… Everything else is is going to be swallowed up by the Caliphate’s (temporary) good buddy, Russia.

      Mister, we could use a man like El Campeador again.

  4. To me, this says more about the bubble the folks who staff that part of the German government live in, than anything else.

    If you spend all of your days working and talking with people who would be glad to have gay sex with a random immigrant, you will start assuming everyone feels that way, too, and so stuff like this comes out.

    It can be a real challenge to see the world outside one’s bubble, but it’s a good thing to try to do. For no other reason, sometimes the world will pop one’s bubble in a dramatic and not-pleasant fashion, so better to be forewarned.

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