On Saturday, Hamas made a sneak attack in Israel, during the Sabbath on the holiday of Simchat Torah, the last day of the week of Sukkot.

Hundres of Israeli civilians were killed, thousands were injured, and an unknown number were kidnapped and taken prisoners in Gaza

Today, in major American cities, there are people celebrating that barbarism.



New York City:




Salt Lake City:



These people are celebrating the killing of whole Jewish families, and then lie about the circumstances to justify their joy.

American Jews need to be aware that every single one of these people would have the same joy and reaction for your murder.

This is the globalized Intifada.

You are not safe.

The threat is here.

Get armed and prepare to defend yourselves.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The globalized Intifada is here”
  1. A rational sane society simp!y does not tolerate the existence on such groups. They are either eradicated or sequestered where they can do no harm. We no longer have a sane, rational society.

  2. Thanks J.Kb for posting this most important news. As I said in another post by Miguel, the anti-Israel groups have the most powerful Islamist in the world as their protector and facilitator, which is the current presidential administration, Obama-Biden Regime and make no mistake it’s not just at a national level but a global level. None of what happened in Israel a few days ago would have been possible without American Money recently given to Iran and Hamas, and without the info needed to circumvent Israel’s defense systems—I refuse to believe the narrative that Israel was asleep at the switch. Caught off guard. Not a chance.

  3. While I don’t want to in any way try to deflect attention from the hatred of Jews by the Palestinians, we have to remember they hate all Americans with nearly the same white hot hatred. Thousands of unaccompanied, military aged men have been crossing our southern welcome mat for the past several years. Anyone who believes all of them are just here for a better life is delusional. These massive celebrations around the country are further warnings. If (when) the Intifada is triggered here, we will all be targets and we had all better be ready.

    1. Skinnedknuckles, you are exactly right. And I might add they are being strategically placed within the nation, for I believe, the reason you asserted. A war begins when planning begins and is advanced when pieces on the battle board are positioned strategically. This has been going on now for many years and in the past two to three years it has substantially increased and become even more apparent. The sickening part of this is the Obama-Biden administration has the Army National Guard assisting in the processing operation at the border, touted as a humanitarian act.

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