I don’t know what type of cocaine Mitch McConnell has been doing lately but the effects are awesome.

It seems that he’s been sharing it with Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham.

I think this is paying off for them as a new NPR poll shows invigoration for the Republicans to come out and vote in the midterms.

Yesterday, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana took a hit from Mitch’s stash and dropped a bomb on the Senate floor.

Republican seeks to prohibit federal contracts to banks that cut off gunmakers

Sen. John Kennedy R-La., introduced legislation Tuesday to prohibit federal contracts with banks that end business with other lawful businesses over social policy.

The topic became a hot button issue last spring when Bank of America and Citigroup announced that they would end banking relationships with gun manufacturers or retailers that sold certain semi-automatic weapons similar to ones used in mass shootings of civilians.

“It’s very simple, it just says that we can’t issue contracts to banks that decide they want to make social policy,” Kennedy told the Washington Examiner.


God damn right!  This is beautiful.  Lets get this passed.

Next up: kicking Google, Facebook, and Twitter right in their politicking balls.

The lesson is clear, there is no appeasing the Left.  Trying it just gets you destroyed on TV or cornered in an elevator.

You might as well go down swinging because they will never compromise.

Clearly, Mitch McConnell needs to start throwing cocaine parties at the GOP headquarters like is Wall Street in the 1980’s.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The GOP is eating their Wheaties or why we need to keep control of the House and Senate”
  1. Personally I (much like Miguel in his post below) thought that voting for Mitch (Obama’s Bitch) McConnell and Lindsey (Amnesty) Graham in their last general elections was a mistake. I now think I was wrong, and the voters in South Carolina and Kentucky were right.

    People can change their behavior, it just takes the right stimuli, like the positive example of a determined combative PDT, and the counter examples of Antifa, Code PinkO, Maxine Waters, and the other lying terrorist filth of the Left.

    Our job is now to encourage similar behavior. Send them a letter of support. Volunteer for your local GOP candidate, and tell them why you are getting involved. Apply positive feedback!

  2. John McCain must have had some type of dirt on Lindsey Graham, because since his death, it seems Lindsey has become a completely different person. I sort of like the new Lindsey.

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