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About 100 people gathered outside the Fairfax, Va., headquarters of the National Rifle Association on Monday. The demonstrators are pushing for expanded background checks and regulations on gun ownership in the United States.

Source: Why gun control advocates spent Sandy Hook anniversary at the NRA (+video) –

This was the great “push” for new regulations. The third anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre and right after the massacre at…wait, we had one recently…where was it? Nobody can’t seem to find it in the news anymore. Somewhere in California? No, that cannot be since California has all those wonderful Gun Control laws like Universal Background checks and bullet buttons that stop those evil black rifles to shoot like a machine gun. Oh well, it was probably anther White racist redneck NRA member shooting innocent black churchgoers while draped in the Rebel flag, right?
[/End sarcasm]

My take for the growing collapse of the Gun Control Movement is that the lies are catching up with them at an accelerated rate. The less people consume news via traditional media and more through the Interwebs, the more the lies shine under the light of fact checking and they are staring to question very harshly) the old conventional wisdom from the Gun Control groups.

Look at the picture again: That is the best that all gun control groups managed to gather on the third anniversary of Sandy Hook and right after a terrorist attack not two weeks before. Old Media went crazy attacking the NRA and gun owners (while trying their best to bleach the fact that it was a Jihadist attack in a Gun Free Zone in the banner state for Gun Control in the nation) with the interns for Social Media posting like crazy about the evils of clack guns. How did the people respond? They went out and bought more guns and many bought their first gun. Even the people of San Bernardino flooded the local gun shops instead of parading with banners for Gun Bans, some realizing that being unarmed and asked to play paper-rock-bullet against an armed subject is a losing proposition.

And you know what else I have noticed? It is just a trickle but I have seen more articles coming not from the usual sources doubting the effectiveness of Gun Control Sacred Cows. Top of my head at least three asking if Gun Free Zones are actually doing more harm than good, others from people who are now proud gun owners for the first time, and even several big time publications calling attention at the new  fabricated “version” of Mass Shootings and condemning it. Equating kids with BB guns to Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech proved to be unpalatable to many liberal uvulas.

We are not done yet. Democratic Primaries are coming and for some reason the base is clinging to Gun Control (and lots of free stuff) as something that tickles their collective coccyxs.   I just saw in some sources that the dems in Congress will try to introduce in the coming days the Assault Weapons Ban of 2015 prohibiting the manufacturing of “assault weapons” and already has 90 sponsors. Chances of passing? Not many, I would probably get a free GMC Yukon faster, but we need to make sure and that means staying alert and keeping your congresscritter on his/her toes.

We ain’t done yet by far.

PS: I almost forgot. Moms Demand claims they put 10,000 people on the streets on Saturday in 40 states to protest whatever is that they protest. Check the pictures in their Facebook page, if lucky they may have managed 2,500 which fits the MDA Math (People they say showed up or will show = people who actually show up x 4)

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. I noticed several different articles mentioning that the location of the latest terorist attack was a “Gun Free Zone.”

    Ditto the University attack.

  2. I think some are finally getting tired of their worthless babbling and are starting to see the less legal gun protection the more unlawful guns being used.This gun free zones are just begging for trouble and they are getting it.

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