Over the weekend, Iran fired over 300 rockets and suicide drones at Israel.

The Jew-hating alt-Right celebrated and stood with Iran.




Lucas Gage is a USMC veteran.

Iran was behind the Hezbollah bombing of the USMC barracks in Beruit.

Iran supplied EFPs and other anti-armor weapons to insurgents in Iraq to kill soldiers in convoys.

Iran took American Marines hostage for 444 days when they captured our embassy in Tehran.

Those are the people these idiots support because every day is Year Zero for Jew-haters.

Antisemitism rots your brain.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The Groypers are retarded”
  1. Their brains were rotted before. If it wasn’t antisemitism it would be hating black folks, or Asians, or Indians ( either or both kinds), or Muslims, or…whoever. I have friends and a relative who were Marines. Spiritually they still are. This motherfucker is a disgrace to them, and all their fellow Marines.

  2. Yes, there are a few retards like this around. The bigger worry, I think, is the far larger number and far more tolerated terrorism supporters infesting the Left, and the Democratic party. I don’t know any politician who supports the sort of clowns you mentioned, but lots of them — like Joe Biden — support the terrorism supporters of the Left.

    1. A case in point: the California powers that be, who have no problem with Hamas supporters shutting down the Golden Gate bridge for most of the day.

    1. I’m not sure what a “groyper” is. Brave search provides multiple definitions, and some are contradictory.

      I’ve always thought “alt-right” as playacting Western paleoconservatism without “Real Christianity” (in the Wilberforce sense) or “Mere Christianity” (in the CS Lewis sense). They want to LARP traditionalism without actually believing its bases or accepting its obligations and responsibilties..

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