If you want to see a perfect example of the gun maker blood libel, look no further than this rant from Democrat Presidential Candidate and Senator, Kristen Gillibrand.

This is the blood libel.

That gun makers sell guns to criminals and crazies because they are evil people who just want to make money no matter how many innocents get hurt.

I know people at several gun companies.  I have met their wives and children.  We have gone to each others’ barques and kids birthday parties.

They are all good people who are passionate about gun rights.

They are real people with real lives.

To Kristen Gillibrand, they are monsters who couldn’t care less about how many children die just to make a buck.

Once upon a time (and still to day in parts of the Middle East) Jews were accused of murdering children to make matzoh.  That blood libel lead to pogroms and violence against the Jews.

Today, Leftist say gun makers murder children to make profit.  It’s the same dehumanizing blood libel, and it will be used to destroy the industry (and perhaps worse).


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The Gun Maker Blood Libel”
  1. this stupid C@#$ thinks its perfectly ok to KILL BABIES. hey dude, I know you are in the gun industry,so am I and it hits ya heart, but this farting cow aint worth a piss hole in the snow. she and all the ones like her need to be told SHUT THE FUK UP, until they change their tune on killing babies.

  2. If you support allowing the murder of babies who survived an abortion you have no right to tell anyone that they don’t care about children. Go to hell.

  3. Understand that when you look at Kirsten Gillibrand, there is nothing behind her eyes. She would be a conservative senator if her constituents wanted that of her. Before she became Schumer’s lap dog, she was a Representative in a slightly upstate part of New York. At that time, she had I believe an A rating from the NRA, and was a staunchly moderate Democrat, back when such a thing could exist. After she slimed her way into her current role, she immediately renounced her past positions and went full throated lefty lunatic. Conversely, if she had been somehow magically placed in middle America and managed to become a Senator, she’d be a Conservative Christian and gun owner. She’d switch parties to do it. The woman has no dogma, other than whatever keeps her in power. She’s vacuous and completely artificial.

    1. According to the blood libel, when a criminal commits a rampage sales go up, so by selling guns to bad guys the industry encourages more regular people to buy guns through fear. It’s a conspiracy theory.

  4. By extension, those of us who purchase said weapons, are child murderers, terrorists, mentally deranged, etc. Damn, I’m getting tired of being blamed for every murder since Cain slew Abel, just because I believe it’s my right, my duty, and my responsibility to defend myself and my family from the real violent criminals by using the best tools available.

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