This was a copy/paste from a friend in Facebook who got it from somewhere else there. It pissed me off and I want to share the emotion with you.


“Friends, I don’t want to break the 72 Hour Rule, but PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP stop spouting the “good guy with a gun” mantra on the Texas church shooting.

Good morning and fuck you. You don’t like “good guy with a gun”? Guess what? Neither does the idiots in Gun Control. It makes them mad that a simple sentence reflecting so much truth can destroy their business


There were good guys with guns there whose firearm did nothing, good guys there whose firearm actively endangered others for a bit, a very good man whose gun didn’t get in the fight fast enough who died, and another very good man who not only had a gun but a high level of skill in using that gun who actually made a positive difference.

Ah! I can smell the wafting scent of the elitist Tacticool asshole. You can always tell because they resent that Ma and Pa Smith have guns with them but have never taken a class of Ninja SWAT Shooting While Rappelling From a Helicopter.


The first usher who the murderer was yelling at may well have been able to dive on that shotgun and stop him with no gun, had he been trained and prepared to do so and known the principles of controlling someone with a long gun.

You know? This shit won’t happen to Tacticool Boy because he is always ready, his awareness never fails. He is a deadly pistoleer that nobody will catch with his pants down.  “He shall never be ambushed!” is his motto while the spirit of Wild Bill Hickok laughs at this guy’s conceit. And by the way, criticizing the guy who gave his life in defense of the parishioners because he did not know some Stephen Segal Fauxkido move is really low.

“The only thing that will stop a madman bent on killing people with a shotgun is a good person with the trained skill set and mindset to do so. If he’s at any distance, a gun really helps him do that.”

True, but not everybody has a couple of thousand bucks to spare and a week to take off from work so they can go to a (your?) Tacticool class on how to roll off an SUV at 45 mph while shooting at all paper targets in the ‘A’ Zone. The bes they can do is go to a square range, shoot a couple of boxes at a B-27 target.  Of course, you could always offer free classes to the unwashed Gun Owners or at least a very discounted Groupon.

But two things: 1. That doesn’t make a good slogan to banter about and tribal signal with, and 2. You can’t buy a trained skill set and mindset at the gun store, you have to Do The Work and earn that.”

1-No and that is the point about slogans, particularly this very successful one and 2- as a matter of fact, you sound like a douchebag who would support laws forcing Gun Owners to take 3 days worth of classes before even owning a gun in order to line up your pockets.

PS: Next time, before engaging on a sales pitch for your “academy” at least let the bodies cool off and be buried and the families grieve.

Fucking Vulture.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “The ***holes On Our Side.”
  1. Excuse me?

    These are the same assholes that lend credibility to the controllers that it was “security” that did the good work and sweeping under the rug the other four who drew ready to confront the bastard.

    The gun control people are spinning this to oblivion and they want to help them? Are they out of their friggin minds?

  2. I read this on stupid book and had to read it twice and again today. My thoughts- WE werent there, WE dont know what he or the usher said before he popped out the shot gun. The guy close to them WAS slow on the draw BUT. WE wernt there. The others in the room who drew firearms? Whaahoo that idiot coulda looked like a piñata!! So they “endangered” others when they drew?? So what. If one guy had failed to stop bad guy 4 or 5 others woulda used him for monthly qualification. As an Instructor heres what I would encourage the whole church (any church) to do- have a code word for people to duck down low. Then those who are carrying can deal with the situation. 2- CARRY YER DAM GUN AND MAGS. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. STAY AWAKE. Oh and mr tacticool?? YOU are the problem. Side note- last year I had a student come to me- 70 plus year old women, she had gone to one of these tactiassbags for instruction and they wanted her to learn all the fancy tricks and reloads on her first day! Idiots

    1. I’d be pissed if you muzzled me at the range. During an active shooting, I’ll forgive the minor breach of safety protocols. As far as I’ve heard, no one was injure by fire from the congregation.

  3. And we are about to hear all about how it wasn’t really a good guy with a gun. It was one of those magical extra special people that were trained by the military or police.

    Normal people can’t do what that retired FBI agent did at 71 yo.

    All the rest of the people responding would have … Because not LEO or military.

    1. NYPD or LAPD would have unleashed a storm of bullets, perforating the building and half the congregants.

      1. Better NYPD or LAPD than the Florida version. Have you seen the images of the UPS truck?

        All joking aside, I spoke to my lady about this last night. As somebody that carries a weapon and is prepared to use it, I am responsible for every bullet that leaves that gun. If I’m aiming at the bad guy and I’m the least bit unsure of what’s behind him, I am highly unlikely to pull the trigger. I’m going to make sure of my target and do my best to put every single round I fire exactly where it is suppose to go.

        If I was unfortunate enough to be in a situation where I took out the bad guy but I had over penetration or a miss that harmed, or killed a bystander, I can expect to be charged and sued and I’d likely lose.

        That person with the shiny piece of tin on their shirt front empties his gun, reloads, empties it again, reloads a third time, putting 50+ rounds down range WITHOUT hitting the bad guy but killing or injuring bystanders has “qualified immunity” and a police union to back him up.

        He is unlikely to be sued, he is highly unlikely to be charged, and if he is charged somebody else pays for his lawyers and if he losses, somebody else pays his fines.

        This changes the equation of when you pull the trigger.

        There was a shooting in a mall a year or two ago. It was “mass shooting stopped by good guy with a gun”. But the good guy didn’t pull the trigger. The shooting wasn’t “stopped by the good guy” according to the media. The bad guy just decided, with lots of ammo still left, to eat his own weapon.

        The good guy reported that he was about to engage the bad guy, had the bad guy in his sights but decided against pulling the trigger because of the people behind his target. The bad guy saw the gun pointed at him, sat down and killed himself.

        Police might have different training but they have very different concerns. Every bit of training I receive contains information about being safe. Every bit of training I do includes that identify target, identify backstop, identify identify identify BEFORE the trigger is pulled. And all in the few seconds from deciding to draw and pulling the trigger.

        (The range I visit has the ability to turn the target edge on, left or right. You can put a good guy on the back and a bad guy on the front and the system will random which side is presented. Target starts to turn, I have to determine if it is a threat, draw and fire. Not perfect as you always draw on the turn, you just don’t always fire)

  4. I don’t assign blame based on 20/20 hindsight. Review the incident for lessons learned to apply to the next time, but don’t play the coulda, shoulda, woulda blame game. The survivors owe their lives to the guy that took out the trash. He owes the opportunity to draw his weapon and get a solid sight picture to the two heroes who died trying to stop the carnage. Not every gunfight ends with the bad guy(s) laying on the ground and the good guy(s) standing over him, sometimes the good guys fail, that doesn’t mean that the good guys aren’t heroes, nor does it mean they shouldn’t have tried.

  5. This exemplifies the problem with having TOO much information, video, pictures, etc… after the fact.

    Could things have gone differently? Absolutely! Yet… the events unfolded just like they did, and no amount of armchair quarterbacking will change history.

    Would it have been nice if the person closest to the murderer was well trained in how to disarm and disable someone with a long gun? You bet it would have been an improvement. Yet… curiously… of the 300+ million people in the US, only a small percentage have that kind if skill, strength, and training. What are the odds that one of that elite few will be within arms reach of an active shooter when the gun gets pulled out.

    This asshat does have a point though. Self defense is a full suite of tools, not just a gun. If you cannot throw a punch, tackle someone, or take some other self defense moves, you need to do some work on that. No, you do not need to be tacticool, but have a few ideas.

    Finally, and this is where mr, Tacticool is 100% absolutely wrong is that carrying a weapon is not about taking down the bad guys. It is about you getting home in one piece to spend more time with your loved ones. That is your mission. Not heroics… family.

    Learning to be an operator so that you can disarm active shooters with nothing but a ball point pen is not supporting that mission. It is the antithesis of the mission.

  6. Sure bitch about the usher not doing some Kung foo grip on the guy. A lot of the ushers at my church are senior citizens and are not capable of that. The usher died diverting the guys attention from the congregation, allowing a great shooter to kill the bad guy. The usher is a hero in my book

    1. ^^ This. The usher that died while trying to draw was a 67 year old man. Just how many 67 year olds can take on a person who is 25 years younger and disarm them without getting shot? I would guess that less than 1 in a million.

      That is the reason why I carry a gun. A gun evens the playing field. In this case, the bad guy had already drawn his weapon, action beats reaction, and the good guy did the best that he could with the shitty hand that he had been dealt. Had he been faster, he still would likely have been killed. That still doesn’t make him any less of a hero, in my book. He held the shooter’s attention long enough that he only had time enough to kill one other person before other defenders could finish the job. Sometimes, that is the best that we can do.

      Unlike television, the good guys don’t always walk away. The name of the man who was shot during his draw is Richard White. He gave his life defending others, and that is the best any of us can hope for. “No greater love hath man than he who would give his life so that others might live.”

  7. “The name of the man who was shot during his draw is Richard White. He gave his life defending others, and that is the best any of us can hope for. “No greater love hath man than he who would give his life so that others might live.”’


    Here is a man, who showed us all how a MAN faces DUTY, a duty he did not have to assume.

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