So the AWB passed the House.

Now it goes to the Senate.  I’m not sure what will happen there.

Does Manchin vote for it knowing how West Virginia is on guns?

I suspect Romney and Collins voting yes.

I’m 51/49 it passing the Senate.

Biden would absolutely sign it.

That leaves two options.

The Supreme Court will have to take on subject of assault weapons.

The good news is that the last SCOTUS decision on guns went out way.

The “in common use” line in Heller goes our way since there have been tens of millions of these guns sold since then.

Alternatively, we demand that every Republican running swear on any possible political future that they vote to repeal this AWB as soon as they can.

If it does pass, it will be a rough couple of years.

What we need to do us make gun bans as toxic today as it was after the Clinton ban.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The House passed the AWB”
    1. No, they need 60 votes to get cloture on the filibuster rule. If there was ever a bill that the Democrats would end the filibuster over, it’s this one.


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