The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 is an era that will go down in history.

In the last few months, what exactly has been confirmed as fact that we were told were conspiracy theories in 2019 through the 2022 election cycle.

Social media did in fact collude with the FBI to control the flow of negative Biden information.

The FBI did collude with social media and the legacy media to fabricate bad Trump information.

Hunter Biden was even more corrupt than anyone could possibly imagine and is inexorably tied to his father.

COVID did come from a Chinese bio lab.  It was created with the help of Dr. Fauci and funding from the US government.  It was probably a bioweapon.

Natural immunity was better than the vaccine for almost everyone.

The vaccine was at best ineffective, and at most dangerous for all but the most compromised people with multiple co-morbidities.

Kids are not resilient and closing schools devastated children permanently.

And now, everything that we were told about January 6th was a lie by the uni party to destroy the legacy of Trump and his supporters.

Tucker Carlson has been releasing the video of that every night this week.

Every single narrative of the last three years is crashing down.

The J6 narrative is the most salient because we have the video.  People can see that what they were told for 26 months was a lie.

The credibility of the system is gone.  It’s worse than gone.  They are Captain Worngway Peachfuzz, everything they say is diametrically the opposite of the truth.

There is no reason to listen to these people at all, everything they say is a lie to gain and preserve their power.

That is 100% transparent to everyone.

They are hysterical because it’s undeniable and unassailable that the emperor’s cock and balls are hanging out in the breeze and we refuse to believe them that he’s a woman in a beautiful dress.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The hysterics over Tucker’s coverage of J6 is the swansong of the system’s grip”
  1. Damn, that was perfectly said J. Kb. It’s more than refreshing to read the political truth in a Gun Free Zone.


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