Cheryl Dorsey is a former LAPD police officer turned Left-wing anti-cop activist.  She wrote a book, has a podcast, goes on speaking tours, and is often cited by the media as an expert in police and crime related topics.

This video was posted on the official YouTube account of Sgt Cheryl Dorsey.  Which means that she is proud of her performance here.


Not one thing that came out of her mouth was factually accurate.  Starting with “the national instant criminal background check, N I C S.”  I mean, she couldn’t logic her way through the initialism NICS.

It went downhill from there.

It doesn’t matter if it’s at a gun show or a brick-and-mortar store, the 4473 process is the same for an FFL.  The Federal government allows a limited amount of personal sales for non-dealers, but California is a universal background check state to that is moot there.

Straw buying is illegal, that’s not a feature of a gun show.  There are no aftermarket parts you can buy to make a gun untraceable.  The receiver is the serialized part of the gun and all the parts swaps can’t replace that and obliterating a serial number is a Federal offense.

Her idea of a background check is what happens in England and Australia, where the police get to interview your neighbors and relatives and decided if you are an upstanding enough citizen to be allowed to own a gun.

Now imagine an ignoramus like Sgt Dorsey being the officer doing the interview and making the decision.  This is why that is a terrible idea.

Then she says that the real problem isn’t who gets a gun, but the kinds of guns people can get.  This is, of course, the opposite of the problem.

“It’s high powered weapons, weapons that go through walls and in some instances armory [sic] that officers wear.”  Armor, not armory.  Armor is protection, armory is where guns are stored.

This woman doesn’t have full command of the English language.

“Double barrel magazine extended clips.”  I have no idea, that is just nonsense.

She doesn’t want to criminalize mental illness and lock up crazy people.  That’s California for you.  Just recently a crazy homeless man attacked a woman outside her apartment.  He was arrested and the judge let him walk because she didn’t believe in jailing the crazy either.

Everything this woman said is factually wrong and the opposite of what will work to reduce gun violence.

But she is propped up as an expert because she’s a former LAPD cop, so clearly she knows more than you.

The ignorance of the experts is astounding.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The ignorance of the experts is stunning”
  1. If she struggles with basic vernacular then she is, by definition, not an expert. She’s a talking head. Nothing more.
    So instead of saying the Expert is wrong here, here, and here, reframe it properly: she’s a propagandist. It’s the raw unfiltered truth.

  2. I always suspect this type of person turned on their former colleagues because they were too incompetent to succeed otherwise. Like the general cashiered for her failure to lead in the Abu Ghraib case — and went on the left-wing speaking tour, blaming everyone they wanted to blame, so long as it wasn’t her.

  3. The ignorance of the experts is stunning

    Not the word I would use. Horrifying is a much better fit.

    The sheer amount of ignorance she spewed in 5 minutes would take hours to parse. (But that’s the point of a propagandist, is it not? To keep your adversaries reacting to what you’ve already said, leaving you free to keep talking — and keep them on the defensive?)

    There’s a few items, other than what’s already been mentioned, that stand out.

    Her definition of “red flag” laws, for example:
    If — on a radio call, for instance — if I’m able to determine based on a conversation that I’m having with someone whether or not I should remove a weapon for the safety of all involved then I’m able to do that.

    No, you can do that without “red flag” laws. If there’s an immediate threat to the safety of the officer or the people involved, then it’s reasonably the officer’s duty to remove the weapon. This is NOT what “red flag” laws do, and to describe “red flag” laws like this is a lie even bigger than, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.”

    Or, “The Jewish people must be relocated for their own safety.”

    J.Kb touched on this one:
    Double barrel magazine extended clips. Why would a regular person need all of that?

    Cops are people. Why would a cop need all of that?

    Oh, but she’s spent so much time on the range training, that she’s the “Only One” in the room able to handle them, right? She DODGED that f@#$ing question and redirected to “high-powered weapons” (go to the 3:20 mark). She did NOT answer how much time she spent training to use firearms. She can’t and maintain her status as “expert” because, having strangled their civilian gun culture, LAPD’s officers barely shoot better than NYPD officers and send patrol cops out minimally qualified.

    The reality is your average Crip gang-banger probably trains and practices with his gun more than she ever did. But she’s the “expert”.

    Lastly, on the background anal probe investigation:
    … that’s why I think it’s so important to do a thorough, in-depth background investigation and look, not at the places people send you, but at the places they don’t send you.

    Yes, so that when you interview 100 people in the apartment complex down the street (ostensibly in my neighborhood) and most of them tell you, “I don’t know that guy, but he has a beard. He wants a gun, too? I wouldn’t trust him,” you can fail me for being an unknown in a crime-ridden mass-housing project. And for having a beard (because “why would a regular person need that?”).

    Also, I’m glad all the gang, murder, rape, illicit drug, human trafficking, and immigration problems have been solved, so that officers can spend their on-duty time anally probing investigating law-abiding citizens instead of crimes.

    Oh, wait….

    Let me rephrase that: It’s doubleplusgood all the gang, murder, rape, illicit drug, human trafficking, and immigration doubleplusgoodness is all doubleplusgood now, so that Ministry of Truth officials can spend their on-duty time investigating wrongthinking subjects for the thoughtcrime of wanting to exercise their so-called “rights”. Long live Big Brother!

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