Looming Price Hikes on Food Set to Hit Americans This Fall

As weary as Americans have become from paying record high gas and grocery prices, however, another round of price hikes is making its way through the food supply chain and is expected to reach consumers this fall.

“People don’t realize what’s fixing to hit them,” said Texas farmer Lynn “Bugsy” Allen. “They think it’s tough right now, you give it until October. Food prices are going to double.”

The 8.8 percent increase in food prices that Americans have already seen does not take into account the dramatic cost increases that farmers are now experiencing. This is because farmers pay their costs upfront and only recoup them at the point of sale, months later.

“Usually, what we see on the farm, the consumer doesn’t see for another 18 months,” said John Chester, a Tennessee farmer of corn, wheat, and soybeans. But with the severity of these cost increases, consumers could feel the effects much sooner, particularly if weather becomes a factor.

Chester said that fuel and fertilizer together make up 55 percent of his total costs. The price of diesel fuel has more than doubled, from $2.50 per gallon at the end of 2020 to more than $5 per gallon today. Farmers say the cost of fertilizer, an oil derivative, has tripled and in some cases quadrupled.

“When you look at the machinery that uses diesel, it’s farm equipment, it’s railroads, and it’s truckers,” said Daniel Turner, Executive Director of Power the Future, an energy advocacy group. Diesel “moves all of our goods, it grows our food. From cargo ships arriving from overseas to trucks or trains getting those goods across the country. All those things now have added costs that will get sent to the consumer.”

And all of that is going to slam into us at harvest time when farmers put this year’s harvest on the market.

It’s truly difficult for normal people to fathom this but the government wanted to coerce you into buying an electric car so badly that they doubled the price of food for everyone.

In the United States of America, we will experience a food crisis that was purposeful created by our government.

That is utterly Soviet in nature and it happened here to support green energy initiatives.

It’s going to get bad.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “The impending fall f*ckening”
  1. Rich, hateful urbanites will vote for democrats in the fall. Everyone else with a functioning brain with vote for Republicans, or at least won’t vote for democrats.

  2. My two bit opinion.
    The average leftists has not clue that the entire system is an interconnected system. It all works together, change on part of it, and the entire system changes. They honestly think they can alter the price of food (or labor) and nothing else will change.
    Pull a single gear from a clock, and replace it with a slightly different one. Then act surprised that the clock no longer tells time accurately. That is your average leftist.
    Does that mean this is all an accident? No, not in my opinion. In fact, I think there are people/organizations that are driving this, and taking advantage of your average leftists naivete.

  3. We are a rich country and we grow much of our own food. Many of us also have the ability to pay more for food, and we do have a safety net of government programs and private charity.

    Compare this with North Africa, China, and Asia. How much food do they import. How much extra income do they have? What safety net do their citizens have?

    When people see their children starving, Revolution is definitely on the table. The most dangerous time is not when the harvest comes in, it is when the harvest runs out.

    The Entire World is about to become a very chaotic and violent mess in the next 2 years.

    How? Why? Because a bunch of idiots in Europe and North America think Oil and Natural Gas are icky.

    1. The “safety net” depends on enough people rich enough to pay the taxes that support the net, and the bureaucratic parasites running it. Break the economy badly enough and the net will disappear. Piss off enough productive people and they’ might even vote it out of existence. (Remember that there is no such thing as a “social security trust fund” — all those things are paid for by today’s taxpayers.)

    2. No problem. All the world’s hungry people will just come here and cross the southern border. Problem solved!

  4. So now that mr electric car has bought twitville and turned republican are libtards going to change thier minds on electric cars? What? He did?? Eeewww ‘lectric cars are bad mmm k!!

  5. I watch a few farming centric YouTube channels. For months they’ve been talking about their input costs tripling or more for some things. Also, and I’m gonna do more digging on this, one was talking that a the lobbyists for domestic fertilizer/agri-chemical producers had succeeded in convincing the feds to impose significant tariffs on imported products as well.
    We’re all gonna be proper screwed. At this point, I’m ready to take a disc cultivator to the yard and turning all the grass over to start growing whatever I can.

  6. Don’t forget the impending shortage of DEF (aka Diesel Exhaust Fluid). Newer engines won’t let you use them if the DEF is gone. So we have that going for us as well. They seem to be fisting us on all fronts. Or backsides..

    BTW I’m thinking 8.8% is the low end for food. Some products I clock in at double the price.

    1. Theoretically, you can make DEF that will pass the sensor for the “DEF Quality Low” thing. DEF is 33% urea and 57% distilled water. I’ve never looked into the chemistry of purifying urea from urine, but it should be doable if you have 95% alcohol.

  7. I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop — that people who have stocked up are “hoarders” and should have their pantries confiscated. You can’t have a holodomor without a powerful central government and disarmament of the middle class. Biden has already blamed “hoarders” for the fuel shortage (Newsweek, 5/11/2021) and most recently for the baby food shortage (Psaki statement 5/12/2022). When food gets short, it will be only right that those who have been stacking up dried pasta and beenie-weenies in the basement pantry will be the *real* cause of the problem. It’s been a constant for the USSR, China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

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