There isn’t a signal jammer or RF blocking device that can stop my dogs from barking or jam my Sig P320 or Benelli Nova Tactical.

I’m with Miguel on this, that security systems and cameras are invaluable, but that doesn’t mean they are unassailable.

If your high end security goes down, what ar3 your backups.

Mine eat kibble and fire JHP or buckshot.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The importance of analog systems”
  1. technology has created humans that totally rely on it. technology makes humans stupid. man made means man can defeat it. lo tech alarms backing up hi tech ones. a good driveway alarm if you have a long drive is a must. cameras HARD WIRED in along with wifi… oh, and a backhoe…. heh heh

  2. Shoot the guy with the antenna festooned backpack first. That does wonders for your cell phone reception.

    (I just love the fact that I got to use the word “festooned” in a comment)

  3. This is why “smart guns” need to be banned. Those, unlike real guns, are likely to be vulnerable to cyberattack.

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