“ZOMG1 ZOMG! We are all gonna die!”

Do you know what kind of attitude people have about OVID in Middle TN? somewhere between Deputy Samuel Gerard “I don’t care” and Gunny Thomas Highway “You’re beginning to bore the hell out of me.”

The greatest difference between Florida and Tennessee is that the Media still controls the “panDammit” Narrative while in Florida, journos are beaten into ridicule regularly by Governor DeSantis and the rest of the staff. TN’s Governor Lee does look a tad soft, but I am still a newcomer so I can’t say if it works for the State or not.

Other than medical facilities demanding masks, you will probably will not see any other location where you are forced/asked sternly to wear a Fauci Face Diaper. Same as back in Florida, you will see elderly people wearing the mask and I don’t think anybody has one negative thought about that since they are a sensitive group for getting the virus bad, God Bless them and hope it works for them keeping them safe. Then you will see the Mask Fashionista, strutting his muzzle device with the pride Vegan Crossfitter chomping on a gluten-free, plant-based protein muffin. Whenever I see an example of that zoological specimen, I seem to develop a strange, fully phlegmy coughing fit. The look of sheer horror in their eyes is just priceless.

Las aguas volveran a su cauce. (The waters will return to their course.)

I do hope so.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “The infernal whining of the Media about Omicron.”
  1. Tennessee has a constitutionally weak governor. It’s practically a figurehead office. For example, it takes fewer votes to override a veto than it does for a bill to pass on the floor.

    Lee is a good man, but he’s not cut out for the kind of cutthroat politics and public shaming DeSantis is so very, very good at.

    I don’t think he’s doing a bad job but I also think he’s the weakest leader the state has had in my life.

  2. I follow this link to see how the OMG is progressing in UN-Vaxed and UN-governable Texas…

    The FEAR must be maintained so the FEAR at ALL cost crowd DEMANDS everyone get tested so they can scare people with the numbers testing hot…

    Since the OMG has been with us since November 2020 they have tracked the spread that shows Everyone getting it…

    Literally double (or more) than the highest peak from the last two waves and just now starting to level out and drop…
    But the funny thing is, with this OMG, the deaths never did increase from the bottom base line, and while the hospitals showed a bit of increase, if you have a head cold infect this many people at once, I am sure our hospitals would have as much if not more admissions.

    So I personally think the OMG is our best friend, providing Natural Immunity for vast numbers and implementing that Forbidden Term – HERD IMMUNITY.
    And by the same token it happens just as the vax shots are showing their down side of not only failing to stop, prevent, or even mitigate the infection…But now their injuries and deaths are becoming so large they can’t be hidden…
    Abusive Public Tyrants who have pushed this Abomination.

    1. Just a couple of notes on the link, if you click the second tab “trends” it shows a very nice set of graphs on just how OMG has destroyed the FEAR at ALL cost narrative…Then click the “Hospital Data” blue link on the bottom right side…And then click the “Hospitals Regional” for the happy graphs…

    2. Texas is 57.7% vaccinated, placing it solidly in the middle of the states in percentage vaccinated. Hardly “UN-Vaxed”.

  3. The teachers unions in IL are doing everything they can to shut down the schools. The dems are pushing back some because they know the parents will be pissed and they might lose their veto proof majority.

    OTOH, the fatass gov instituted another dictatorial measure, copying the OSHA mandate for businesses and Chicago has vaxx passes for public places. Not sure how well that’s being enforced though.

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