Richard Spencer is a true, dyed-in-the-wool white nationalist anti-Semite.

Absolutely nothing about that background would make him support brown, Middle Eastern Muslims.

Except… Iran hates Israel and the Jews, referring to Israel as “the little Satan,” and Spencer hates Israel and the Jews.

As a result, a white nationalist anti-Semite is going to deepthroat the Ayatollah and pull a Michael Moore and apologize on behalf of Trump.

This is nothing new of course, Hitler bonded with the Grand Mufti for the same reason.  Hitler wanted to exterminate Europe’s Jews and the Mufti want to exterminate the Mandate’s Jews.

Anti-Semitism is like TDS, it drives people to absolute madness.  In this case, making a white nationalist support a Brown Muslim nation over the US.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The insanity of Jew hatred”
  1. And it appears this is making Joy Behar happy (from PJ Media):
    “There’s some good news,” Behar chirped cheerily. “Remember Richard Spencer? He’s basically the organizer of Unite the Right, the white nationalist group that was marching in Charlottesville that was all in for Trump. Not anymore!” she said, raising her arms in victory and smiling like a loon. Then she read Spencer’s tweet that said he deeply regrets supporting Trump in 2016 and the audience cheered as Behar smiled and looked elated that a white supremacist joined her in her Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    “Wow!” she said, continuing to beam like she had been given a new set of blackface paints.”

    1. Perhaps she should invite Mr. Spencer onto her show. What a hoot that would be when she finds out Spencer withdrew his support of Trump when he found out Trump wasn’t a racist or anti-semite.

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