Every time the Left opens it’s mouth about Israel, I smell bitter almonds.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib hosted a 40-minute long press conference on their travel ban to Israel.  Go watch it if you want.  I did, I thought I was going to have a stroke I got so upset.

It was a 40-minute long anti-Israel hate fest.  Ilhan Omar was all joy and smiles as she paraded out radical Left-Wing Progressive Jew after radical Left-Wing Progressive Jew to dump on Israel.

One was from IfNotNow, which is a “Jewish” organization that denies the right of Israel to exist on intersectional grounds.

Another was a radical Jewish activist who went to the West Bank to protest Israel and marry a Palestinian activist, who then got salty about the Shin Bet interrogating her. Of course they did, she traveled to Israel to protest it and side with a group the supports Palestinian terrorism.

These Jews do not understand, that when the long knives come out for the Jews, their cries of “but I was one of the good ones, I was on your side” is not going to spare them from getting their throats slit.  Most likely, they will die first because they are in close proximity as allies standing next to the Muslims.

The whole hate-fest ended with Omar getting to her ultimate goal, ended US aid to Israel.

To be honest, two Muslims and a bunch of raging Leftists dumping on Israel I can understand.  Muslims hate Jews, that is a core tenet of their religion.  The radical Left hates the Jews too.  That there are so many radical anti-Left Jews shows just how bad Jewish education is and how much the cancer of Progressivism has destroyed the soul of American Judaism.

What I don’t get is how nobody in the media, since that conference, has dared to question anything or show the other side of the coin.

I hear “apartheid wall” all the time.  The Israeli West Bank Security Barrier, which is what it is officially known as was built between 2003 and 2006.

In 2002, just before the major construction of the wall began, there were 47 bombings in Israel.  In 2001 there were 40.  In 2003 there were 23, by 2006 the number had dropped to 3, in 2007 there was one.

The “apartheid wall” should be called the “no more bombings wall” because that was the effect of its construction.

I hear hysterics from anti-gun activists how terrible it is that there are so many mass shootings in the US.  Time Magazine says there were 91 mass shootings in 35 years, or an average of three per year, in a nation of over 300 million people.  We keep being told we need to do something, including disarming and arrest all law-abiding gun owners.

Israel had nearly one bombing every week in a nation the size of New Jersey with a population of less than 9 million.  The Israelis did something, they built a wall, and the same people calling for the persecution of gun owners over the unlikely chance they will be a victim of a mass shooting want Israel to remove the wall that stopped the bombings of Israeli civilians.

That is a double standard to make you want to vomit.

I never heard the word Intifada once out of the media.  Not one mention of the 38 Israelis murdered in one year by Palestinians who were given travel passes, came to Israel, bought kitchen knives, and attacked Jews at bus stops and in public places.

Not once did I hear the name Fogel.  A family of five Jews, murdered in their sleep.  The youngest, Hadas, was three months old.

This is what Palestinians do when Israelis don’t maintain enough security:

That is a three-month-old baby girl with her throat slit next to her father who was stabbed while they slept.

This is four-year-old Elad, stabbed in the chest multiple times.

Tell me how this is “resistance” to Israel.  This is the murder of children while the slept.  And during the funeral for the family, the Palestinians handed out candy and had a party.

Two Democrat Congresswomen sponsored a 40 minute hate against Israel and nobody questioned a single one of their assertions.

Omar and Tlaib made it clear what they see their duty in Congress to be, the destruction of Israel.

Concentration camps are coming.  Not the ICE centers on the border.  Real Jew killing concentration camps.  The will be built by the Muslims and justified on TV by the intersectional Left.

There is no question of that anymore.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The Kapo Cabana (Graphic Content)”
  1. The Palestinians celebrated a thug firing his rifle into a carseat, because a Jewish child was in that seat. And, yes, the same people who say I need to be disarmed because people with life-long records of mental problems and violence may act out with a gun go on to celebrate the “Palestinian Resistance”.

  2. The problem you have is millenials and gen xr’s don’t feel sorry for Jews like boomers and older gens do. I don’t think it’s hatred but indifference.
    I’m English.I know a few Jewish intellectuals in my town and they are very quick to disown Israel and Israelis.
    Americans seem curiously deferential to Israeli politicians compared to their own. Almost as if they owe them something….

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