I guarantee you that the assailants are either Black or illegal immigrants and neither had any idea who Paul or Nancy Pelosi are.

If they were white men, especially if they had the faintest association with the Right the media would be exploding with how this was Right Wing extremist political violence.

That the media is not doing this speaks volumes about the assailants even though the police haven’t said anything.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The lack of information speaks volumes”
  1. Latest reports are that he’s originally from Canada, estranged from his family and his FB page was full of anti-vaxx/Jan 6/2020 election ‘conspiracies’.

    So yeah, they’re going to blame all of this on Trump/GOP/’Right wing’.

    and right before an election too. Almost makes one a conspiracy theorist.

  2. My immediate take on this story was…. how on earth did anyone get into that house? It’s like a fortress with security, so no one gets in there without setting off an alarm. I think Paul Pelosi had someone over for whatever reason and for some reason it became violent and would be an embarrassment politically if the truth comes to the light of day.

    1. I just read the AP story, and this just doesn’t make sense — An intruder attacked and severely beat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer in the couple’s San Francisco home early Friday while searching for the Democratic leader and chillingly shouting: “Where is Nancy, where is Nancy?”

      Police were called to the home to check on Paul Pelosi at about 2:30 a.m. when they discovered the 82-year-old and the suspect, 42-year-old David Depape, both grabbing onto the hammer, said Police Chief William Scott. The intruder yanked it from Pelosi and began beating him before being subdued and arrested by officers.

      Ok so police were ‘called to the home to check on Paul, when they discovered both individuals grabbing the hammer??? And the officers saw the beating occurring just as they subdued him?? Ok, it’s worse than my original thought. Again who called the police and why didn’t that person intervein or attempt to help Paul?? And why did Paul need to be checked on?? Something is way, way off here.

  3. On seeing a report this morning that a suspect was in custody and that it had been a targeted attack, I guessed that it was an attack from the Left. Maybe, maybe not… and maybe Mr. 6079 Smith W is very busy erasing the guy’s history and replacing it with something more suitable.

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