Let’s have a little recap of what happened in the close of 2021 so we can see where we’re going in 2022.

It’s crystal clear that the Democrats are scared fuckless of Ron DeSantis.

They had #WhereIsRon trending on Twitter, making claims that he is “missing” with theories that ranged from him being on a secret vacation to him battling COVID, because he has not made a public address since before Christmas.

It turns out he’s been working in his office and being with his wife during her breast cancer treatments.

The who point was to make it appear as though he has abandoned his post during a massive COVID surge in FL.

That New York and California were surging harder was never at issue.

Nor was the fact that Biden campaigned on ‘shutting down the virus” then threw up his hands and said there is nothing the federal government can do and it’s all on the states now.

It seems like Plagiarizing Joe’s plan was to take credit for Trump’s Warp Speed and when the vaccinations failed to slow the spread like everyone hoped, he had not follow-up plan.

Biden is on vacation on a beach with a new puppy during a COVID surge, right after Buttigieg disappeared for four months of paternity leave during a supply chain crisis, but Ron DeSantis working quietly between Christmas and New Years is the career ending dereliction of duty.

If you want to the definition of a manufactured crisis, this is it.

Clearly the Democrats are trying to destroy DeSantis before he gets tapped to run in 2024.

But it gets so much worse.

Archetypal socialist AOC went to Florida for vacation.  While NYC is breaking new case records while under strict mask and vaccine passport protocols, AOC is drinking at a restaurant in Miami Beach.

Getting caught being a hypocrite didn’t sit well with her.   You can’t bash Florida for being a COVID hell hole of zero mandates, then go there to avoid the mandates.

AOC tried to turn this around by deflecting to the “DeSantis is missing” conspiracy theory.

That went over even more poorly, so she went full high school mean girl narcissist.

Remember that after January 6th, she claimed she was terrified that the people who entered the Capitol would try and hunt her down to rape her.  Even though she wasn’t even in that building?

And she continued to double down on this.

This argument is perfect for her in that it’s not falsifiable.

“You only engage with me because you want to sleep with me.”

“No, I don’t.”

“See, you engaged with me again, proving my pont that you want to sleep with me.”

While on Conservative Twitter, all I’ve seen in relation to AOC is this meme:


With barely 48 hours left on 2021, politics had to plumb new depths of insanity and despicablness.

And this is where we stand going into 2022.

God help us all.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The last few hours of 2021 were a political sh*t show”
  1. “You only criticize me because you want to have sex with me” is her best argument? No wonder women have such a tough time being respected.

  2. “You only engage with me because you want to sleep with me.”

    I suspect derisive, incredulous laughter would be a good response, but it’s hard to put that on Twitter.

  3. Those titties aren’t that big.
    She looks close to board-flat in that date pic.

    The t-shirt pic, exactly like socialism, is nothing but promises and padding, promising something that can and will never be delivered, and always to the sole benefit of the grifter running the con.

    Evita Guevara-Castro has shot herself in the foot with her foot in her mouth so many times in so short a span, it’s a wonder she has any teeth left.

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