It is impossible to fathom the depths of stupidity that reactionary politicians, especially Leftist politicians, can plumb.

Legal expert says groups are right to cancel historical reenactments over NY gun laws

A historical reenactment has been canceled over New York State’s new gun laws. Governor Hochul’s Office is responding saying these events can go on as planned, but a legal expert says not so fast.

A notice from a Montgomery County group called Fort Klock Historic Restoration says its ‘Raid on the Harvest’ event in St. Johnsville, NY is being canceled for the weekend of October 1, 2022 because of “New York State legislator gun laws which makes anyone who does not adhere to their rules a felon.”

The new gun laws were signed by Governor Kathy Hochul quickly after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a New York State law that restricted concealed carry permits .The new state laws passed in response make it so that guns are not allowed in “sensitive locations” like public parks, in another effort by state leaders to limit where guns can be carried.

CBS 6’s Anne McCloy spoke to Albany Attorney Paul DerOhannesian who says that also applies to muskets that would be used in reenactments, even if real ammunition isn’t being used.

After the Bruen decision, the New York legislator and Governor Hochul decided that if the Supreme Court said New York had to issue gun permits, they were going to make the process as onerous and restrictive as possible, and make as much of New York a gun free zone as it could.

New York also considers antique muzzle loading black powder guns as firearms.

Consequently, a reenactment group with flintlocks in a state park is prohibited by this new law.

It does nothing to reduce crime but does stop children from learning about history and stops families from enjoying a fun and educational weekend.

(I love reenactments)

Of course this makes sense in a state that closed public schools, masked children, hunted down kids in private parochial schools, and shut down education for over a year due to COVID and then let criminals out of prison and encouraged riots.

New York has no desire to educate people or stop crime.  Shutting down reenactments is the sort of petty bullshit that Leftist revel in throwing their weight around.

My only hope is that this law is recognized to be so restrictive because of Bruen that the Supreme Court revisits the issue and strikes down a whole shitload of gun restrictions.  Generally the Supreme Court isn’t a fan of when politicians try to skirt around their decisions in such a way as to effectively nullify the decision.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “The law of unintended consequences murders living history”
  1. Some states seem to be trying to play a game of chicken with the SC and Bruen.
    Which I would welcome, actually, if I thought the executive branch would be willing to perform it sworn duty to back the judicial branch’s decisions.

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