From the Daily Mail UK:

Greta Thunberg tells cheering crowd ‘we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall’ if they do not tackle global warming as she attends climate protest in Turin

I don’t know who wrote this particular speech for her, but to put or make someone stand “against the wall” has a very specific meaning in the English language.

Greta Thunberg told cheering protesters today ‘we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall’ if they fail to take urgent action on climate change.

The Swedish teen activist was addressing the crowd at a Fridays for Future protest in Turin, Italy.

She said: ‘Unfortunately, we probably already know the outcome. World leaders are still trying to run away from their responsibilities but we have to make sure they cannot do that.

‘We will make sure that we put them against the wall and they will have to do their job to protect our futures.’

If you follow the logic of these eco-fascists, this makes a perverted sense.

If you believe that climate change is imminently apocalyptic, i.e., millions or billions will die in the next 10-12 years if nothing changes, then killing the people who do nothing to make the change is going to save more lives.

That has always been the logic of the Left.  Exterminate some minority in order to make the majority thrive.

German National Socialists thought that executing the Jews, Roma, and Communists would make Germany flourish.

The Soviets thought purging the Kulaks and Capitalists would make the Russian working class thrive.

Pol Pot shot one million Cambodians and worked another million to death in the killing fields to try and make Cambodia into a worker’s paradise.

Castro and Che killed or tortured tens of thousands of land-owning Cubans for the same reason.

Socialism always fails, because it is impossible to kill and torture a country into economic prosperity.

Greta and the eco-fascists are giving up on economic prosperity for ecological prosperity.  They want to kill their way into an animal paradise, creating a primeval world, free of materialistic humans.

One of the most horrible bits of 20th century history I have ever read was about the Chankiri Tree in Cambodia.

The former head of a prison run by the Khmer Rouge has confessed to one of the darkest crimes committed during the regime’s brutal rule – smashing the skulls of babies and children against the trunks of trees.

[He] said the regime’s policy had been to avoid keeping children as prisoners. He said that he was told by the regime’s former defence minister, the late Son Sen, that there was “no gain to keep them, and they might take revenge on you”.

I can guarantee, after these eco-fascists are done making world leaders stand against the wall, somewhere down the line they are going to start smashing babies against a tree because you had more children than they decided was good for the environment.


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “The Left always goes to firings squads to get their way, Greta included”
  1. Not only is she an autistic sixteen year old, she apparently is also a psychotic one. Even in her twisted mind, how does killing the people she wants to “do something” get that something done? Considering that these “world leaders” have their personal bodyguards as well as military forces, lining them up against a wall won’t be easy, cheap, or quick.

  2. Interestin how she is wailing about world leaders(rich people) but she comes obviously comes from wealth. I dont give a rats azz what she thinks/says.

  3. Hitler, Chiang, Stalin, Mossadegh, Arafat, Khomeni, Kruschev, Andropov, Deng… and now Thunberg.

    Time Magazine has an long tradition of giving ‘Person of the Year’ honors to folks who execute their political opponents and anyone they see as standing in the way of their goals.

  4. As I keep saying, all they care about is power and the means, method and body count is irrelevant to them. also to them the environment is not really what they care about; power is. They just use that as a means to get more power. It’s the same with anti-gun logic: kill every single gun owner and everyone that oppose them. I’ve also said that these people care only about power so much that if they had to exterminate Hundreds of millions if not billions that’s OK to them. At this point I go so far to say that if they don’t have power and lose power that the complete deliberate extinction of the entire human race as a species actually preferable to them than not having power. These are people that literally believe the human race itself is a parasitic infection on the planet in need of eradication. And since power is paramount to everything they do and drives them to do anything at all and they don’t give a shit about the environment I would not be surprised if they having no issue with nuclear carpet bombing the world. And like I keep saying I don’t think There are proper terms to describe how these people think; the reality they live in. Because even the most horrible dictators and tyrants of the last century would not go so far as the extinction of the entire human race as a species because they didn’t have more power. I think it’s a type of psychosis that has yet to be discovered, studied and given a name.

    1. There’s a religious element to this as well- if we can just get all the people to agree on this, we can build Utopia!
      But people, being people, tend to not fall into line very well. They still persist in following the Four Olds, if not just outright disagreeing and doing their own thing.

      Since Utopia is so important, anyone who refuses to be re-educated must then be destroyed.

  5. Once again. Toddlers.

    Learn what the leftists are going to do by studying your average four year old. A toddler will demand something, and when they do not get what they are absolutely sure the 100% deserve, they will throw a tantrum, preferably in public. If the tantrum does not result in compliance, violence is next. Punches, kicks, throwing stuff at their parents, whatever. The escalation is always the same. Demand, throw tantrum, violence.

    Little Greta pouty face threw a tantrum in front of the UN, and she did not get what she wanted. So, the next logical step, in the grossly immature mind of her and her handlers is to threaten, then carry out violence against those that refuse to acquiesce.

    Look at the UK. Same progression. The leftists assume they should be calling the shots. Turns out that 2/3rd of the country does not want them to be calling the shots. (Wait… two parents, one toddler… errie similarity…) So, they are in the throws of a tantrum. And, talk of violence will not be far behind. (Does anyone remember Kamela Mattress’s comment about how Trump supporters will be punished if she gets elected? I do. Same pattern.)

    Holy!!!! Epiphany time! Figured it out.

    Why do they move to violence? Because it is what they think the adult thing to do is.

    Ask yourself. Have you ever said to your child during an outburst that if they do not behave, you will spank them? (Or punish them in some other way.)

    A toddler knows that their parents are really in charge, and are trying to develop ways to get what they want, regardless. But… when they cross that line, the threat of a spanking shows up, and BOOM! Time to back off.

    Little miss scowly face is doing nothing more than threatening a spanking.

    1. Toddlers that run the world. The only hope is the infighting and self imposed purity tests causes them to self destruct before the damage is done and hundreds of millions of not billions die due to there direct actions and policies.

      But it will always be around in some capacity because of human nature itself.

  6. Ask yourself. Have you ever said to your child during an outburst that if they do not behave, you will spank them? (Or punish them in some other way.)

    Had that said to me more than a few times going up. Fortunately I grew out of that phase around six or seven.

    1. Yep. Because of ALL the myriad meanings of the phrase, “up against the wall”.

      Ms. Thunberg: be thoughtful of what you seek.

      It may find you.

      I seek peace. So, I prepare for disorder. “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

    2. Yeah, she spoke like a the hard Leftists her handlers are, and the moderates didn’t take too kindly to it, so she had to apologize with some BS about translation errors.

      Everything these people do is to push the Overton Window. See how Left they can speak without alienating the moderate Left.

    3. The claim is that she spoke a literal translation of the original Swedish phrase, but that the phrase actually means “hold accountable”.
      I only know four words of Swedish (“Jag talar inte Svenska” 🙂 ) so I can’t be sure of the validity of that claim. I do have my doubts. It will be interesting to see if any other person competent in Swedish says something about it.
      (Part of the reason I’m sceptical is that I do know several other European languages, and I don’t know any that have a saying along the lines that Greta described.)

  7. Add the Virginia Legislature and Governor to the list of toddlers that are first throwing a tantrum, and now threatening to mobilize the National Guard to enforce their wishes.

    Curious how they never threaten to use force against the sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. I guess they (much like toddlers) are only interested in enforcing the laws they like.

  8. Also, might I mention that the Prophet of the Warming Religion is a wealthy cis white girl from Europe?
    Shouldn’t they be looking for a person of color from somewhere that’s actually affected?
    It’s like when they used that wealthy cis white boy who was sort of in the area of a shooting.

  9. I take that as a threat to my President, and I will respond in kind against anyone who threatens my President.

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