All the outrage was never about police killing unarmed black men.  The Left simply hates law and order.

It’s that simple.

On Thursday morning, Minneapolis police shot and killed Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg.

According to a local Fox affiliate:

The standoff began at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday after Sundberg allegedly shot into the apartment where a mother lived with her children and then fired again at officers who were rushing the family to safety. It ended about six hours later, at 4:30 a.m when two police officers shot Sundberg.

Teckle’s father twice worked with police to try and get his son to negotiate with them during the standoff.

You can watch two hours of the standoff recorded by a civilian across the street.


This reporter from Minneapolis shows the bullet holes in the walls of the apartment that Teckle fired into.


She called the police afraid he was going to kill her.

After hours of refusing to negotiate, Teckle pointed his gun at police and they shot him.

A rally was held for Teckle in which the typical rhetoric was thrown at police.

The marchers then harassed the woman who called the police after her apartment was shot up by Teckle.


These people have absolutely no sympathy for her or her children.

One even yelled at her “you’re alive so shut up.”

The wheels of activism gave started rolling on this shooting.


If Teckle Sundberg was having a mental crisis, and he probably was, that’s tragic.

And I absolutely agree in the need for better police interactions with the mentally ill.

But I recognize that at some point a person with a mental illness is a threat to the lives of innocent people and must be dealt with as such.

These Leftist live in a world in which a mentally ill person can do untold damage, threaten, and even kill people and the right of the mentally ill person supersedes all.

These people hate law and order, a healthy civil society, and want to let those who harm society go unmolested.

What sort of people harass a woman who was the victim of a violent attack because her attacker was killed by police after they gave him every opportunity to surrender?

The Left hates civil society and will fight to protect those people who damage it from those who try to maintain it.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The Left hates law and order”
  1. It’s about time that “mental health crisis” (or worse yet, “stopped taking his meds”) is no longer accepted as an excuse.
    I’d say that “stopped taking meds” should be treated as equivalent to premeditation. And insanity should only be a defense if the person (a) was unable to obtain treatment or (b) was not helped by treatment.

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