The Left has a shoe fetish.

Back when Wendy Davis was filibustering for abortions in Texas, the internet made the pink running shoes she wore a symbol of resistance and Leftist women everywhere bought them.

The new one is green Converse Allstars.

Maite Rodriguez was wearing a pair of green Converse Allstars when she was killed in Uvalde.

Matthew McConaughey said that they were the only way her parents could identify her body, because her green shoes had a hand drawn heart on the toe.


Later, McConaughey’s wife was seen wearing those shoes.


If you’re wondering why she’s wearing crime scene evidence or why the shoes are so clean, it’s because they are actually new shoes with a new heart drawn on as a prop.

It’s horribly tragic that Maite was killed, but the story about how her shoes were the only way her parents could identify her body is improbable bullshit.

But green Converse Allstars are the new thing.




And it goes on…

I guess orange is out and green shoes are in.

We are going to be bombarded with this new symbol because never let a tragedy go to waste.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The Left is into their shoe fetish again”
  1. I Truely feel bad for the Loss of there daughter at the hands of a Psychotic Globohomo Demokraut symp and Cowardly Globohomo Supporting Worthless Cowardly(did i say that) Cops.

    I also believe 100% They (The Parents and DEAD Kids) are being used like Cheap $2 Hookers. NO, belay that comment.

    They are being used like Band Whores.
    That stuff’s free !


    And To Hell with Illegals.

    And if your a cop and all you worry about is “Going Home” quit ! QUIT You worthless Shit Skin.

  2. OK, let’s pretend for a second that she was so disfigured by the shooter that they had to ID her from her shoes.
    Was it the green Chuck Taylors? Or was it the heart? (HINT: Most likely the heart.) She could have drawn a hear on a pair of saddle shoes, and her parents would have used that as an identifying mark.
    But, the more obvious the symbol, the easier it is to virtue signal. So, green Converse All Stars, and green Sharpie is the way to go.
    I may have an old pair of green All Stars somewhere. Pre-Nike too. I was wearing them a lot in the late 90s, early 2000s. Would buy them cheap whenever I could find them. Wonder what I could get for them on eBay.

  3. First thought: Is Hogg so broke that he can’t buy his own pair of shoes, and instead has to digitally insert a heart onto a stock photo?

    Second thought: On one hand, the focus on the green shoes is just as crazy as the focus on the pink shoes, on the red capes, and so on.

    On the other hand, it’s kinda nice when the crazies self-identify, isn’t it?

  4. Fuck them and molon labe bitches! live by big government, die by big government. and die by incompetent small government as well.

  5. At $60+ bucks a pair it’s marketing genius. I was over to a buddies house and he had the “news” on ( why I dont know) and the sniveling parents were getting thier 15 minutes- “please enact MORE laws and gun control so this wont happen again”….. someday the 10watt lightbulb will come on in thier head and they will realize they were used.. meanwhile we continue to set NICS records

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