My kids love the show Bluey on Disney+.

It’s an animated Australian show about a family of cattle dogs.  The kids Bluey and Bingo, play games.

They are a happy family.

The father character, Bandit was awarded “Australian (canine) father of the year” by a charity for deaf children.

The show is exceptionally popular, praised by parenting groups, and with a 9.7/10 on IMDB.

The central family of the show is a nice, heterosexual couple that love their children and have a good relationship with them.

You know what that means…

There isn’t enough radical Left-wing ideology being jammed down the throats of little kids by a family of cartoon dogs.

Everything must be forced to serve the Left’s agenda and everything good and decent must be destroyed.

I really hope the creative team behind Bluey doesn’t bend their knees to the Leftist mob.

I cannot tell you just how sick I am getting of the woke mob trying to ruin everything.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The Left wants to ruin EVERYTHING good and decent in society”
  1. Every American is getting sick and tired of ALL lefty bullshiite. We here concentrate on living our life and not letting leftys live rent free in our heads

  2. and now that song is stuck in my head. Great show, good lessons, Dad is positive, full participating member of the family, so yeah, that is why they hate it.

    (do-lo-lo-dot, do-doo-do, doo-do)

  3. Yes, you are correct. The leftists do want to ruin everything.

    It gives them a rush of accomplishment without actually having to accomplish anything. Destroying is easy. If you destroy something for a “reason” you can claim a success.

    That is why they put so much emphasis on “diversity” and being woke. Nothing is simpler than being what you are. You are born that way. End of story. But the leftists want to turn what you are into some kind of an accomplishment. By doing so, they can satisfy that need to “accomplish” something.

    Leftists are lazy children.

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