Peaceful protests do only work when addressed against a government that has morals or can be embarrassed.  Most of these people went to DC with the cleanest of intentions and they are now treated like they raped puppies and killed babies.

“She’d always talk about how great Gandhi was. I’d tell her the only reason Gandhi survived after his first protest was that he was dealing with the Brits. If Stalin had been running India, he’d of been dead in a second, his name forgotten.”
― William R. Forstchen, One Second After

Next time, prepare accordingly. Make sure that a violation of their Right to Peacefully Assemble comes with a heavy bill due on presentation.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “The Lesson of January 6.”
  1. “Insurrection”.

    They keep using that word….

    While I’m no authority, it seems to me that an insurrection would be accompanied by fire and lots of bodies.

    Hmmm. 0/2.

  2. They keep talking about it because it’s all they have. But the republicans have recovered and unless you are a far left zealot partisan like my mother people have stopped caring or see it for what it is.

  3. Hey Miggy

    They keep pushing this word “insurrection ” like it is the holy grail against the populist movement and one day they they will find what a true insurrection is, and it will be a lot different than what has been portrayed.

  4. Seattle police have been caught faking radio traffic about armed Proud Boys marching towards CHAZ/CHOP last summer.

    Was this to scare or provoke the antifa activists? Was it to malign the Proud Boys? What was the purpose here? It was apparently approved and possibly instigated by the top brass….but why?

  5. There are a lot of issues with Jan 6. First up is insurrection. Insurrectionists don’t show up to their objective unarmed. Optics – the Dems blew this way out of proportion and continue to do so with the congressional committee. I remember leftists trying to break into the senate building during the Kavanaugh confirmation, and in 2011 the Wisconsin capitol building just to name a couple. Those have been memory holed out of existence, and there were no committees to determine “what happened”.

    The underlying reason people were at the Capitol that day gets overlooked. There was alot of evidence of election fraud and people were denied a discussion, let alone an investigation into what happened. When 1/2 the country loses faith in the electoral process, you have a big problem. Of course 1 year later, we have actual evidence of fraud in multiple states, but there is very little action, and no one with any authority is interested in overturning the results. I blame elected republicans in the suspect states. If they had acted quickly with some balls, we might have known something before the electoral certification. But they have no spine, and this is the result: we don’t know for sure what happened anywhere.

    One of the key issues now that we have progressed this far is the treatment of the people that have been arrested. Again insurrection keeps getting thrown around but no one has been charged with that, most people are getting lesser charges like felony trespass. Does that warrant sitting in jail for a year, in solitary confinement? At least one person has died waiting to be charged. I hope these people file a class action lawsuit against the government for their poor treatment.

    To be clear, anyone who broke the law should be prosecuted for their crimes. If you assaulted a cop, broke a window, or trespassed, you were wrong and should be held responsible. But the optics being sold and the reality are two different things the insurrection push needs to stop. The Dems are already gearing up to double down for the midterms this year and 2024. Be vigilant.

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