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A municipal court judge denied all requests to drop charges against left-wing protesters in Boston Municipal Court Tuesday, going against the wishes of both the prosecution and defense.

Thirty-six leftists−including antifa radicals−were arrested during the Straight Pride Parade in Boston Saturday, on charges ranging from disorderly conduct to assault and battery on a police officer.

Boston Judge Denies All Requests to Drop Charges Against Straight Pride Parade Protesters

It seems that as same as in Portland, the Left and Antifa are pretty much a legally protected class from all wrongdoing they commit in Boston. I mean, they went against the evil forces of straight people parading peacefully in the streets, right? They are heroes unjustly arrested by the fascist police.

Prosecutors from Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins’ office attempted to get charges dismissed for any of the protesters charged with disorderly conduct who had no prior record – but each time, Justice Richard Sinnott denied the request and scheduled a pretrial hearing for each defendant.

When the state rewards bad Conduct, they are guaranteeing that not only it will be repeated but incremented in harm. This makes them complicit in future social unrest and crimes

Justice Sinnott went against both the prosecution and defense’s request, also ordering half a dozen people be taken into custody and held on cash bail ranging from $250 to $750. One man was held without bail.
The six people who were hauled out of court in handcuffs were reportedly in shock, as they had already been arrested and released by Boston Police over the weekend.

Ouchie. I bet they did not see that one coming. So what do the cops had to say about this?

“We couldn’t be happier at the moment with the judge that’s on the bench,” Calderone told reporters outside of court. “We are here to make sure the DA prosecutes these offenders to the fullest extent of the law.”

Four officers remained off the job on Tuesday after being injured on Saturday, according to Boston Police. “Many officers were assaulted throughout the day, with bottles of urine being thrown at them, bottles of chemicals,” said Calderone.

I am going to repeat this till you people get tired and develop blisters in the ear canals: We need to make sure police identifies and supports our side. Yes, if there is a bad cop, criticize, but don’t go asshole overboard like the Opposition. If you complain when you are called an accomplice in a Mass Murder but then turn around and say “FUCK ALL COPS!” you are not helping our cause.

Use your head pretty please.



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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “The Liberal War against Police continues.”
  1. We Need More Judges Like This!

    Yes, I know that they will quietly get released and their charges dropped in a month. Because there are not enough judges like this, and the DA is even worse. But that didn’t happen yesterday.

  2. I’m waiting for cops to give up on these cities completely. It’s one thing when the people don’t respect you but when the prosecutor works against you it’s time to move on.

    1. I would honestly like to see more Democratic citty* departments go totally FIDO.

      It would also be something if the cops in those citties were to also stop enforcing the law in the special neighborhoods of the Democratic Nomenkultura, and let the crims know that it’s open season there.

      *spelling intended

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