A lot of people commented on just how useless this girl must be at Twitter that her day includes all of this bullshit and wine drinking.

But I wanted to point out something that everyone else seemed to miss.

The macha tea, wine one tap, yoga room, everything about that workspace seemed like a spa for women.

During her meeting, I didn’t see any men.

Where are they?

I suspect that they are in a cubicle farm somewhere being code monkeys.

85% of computer science and programming majors are men.

I highly suspect that in Silicon Valley, male privilege is being one of the core competency programmers slamming out code all day and never seeing daylight while all the useless people are enjoying company provided Macha and red wine in a day spa made possible by your work.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The male privilege in this TikTok”
  1. Looks like the standard tech/posh company perks. They want you to live on campus and forget work and life are different things. That said I never understand these, I don’t think they are dunking on these places the way they think they are. Hey look at all this nice shit we have and non stressful work we do. They never focus on the first aspect I talked about. Man a real coffee shop at work would just about make my life, I’ll take 00 grit tp in trade for that any day!

  2. I’ve lived and worked in the tech world for a long time. I’ve worked at a company with “company perks”. One place had a ping-pong table where we could play if we wanted. The people that used it the most? The boss and his executive.

    We played much less often as our work required us to be on task to hit deadlines. ping-pong was for when we needed to just get up and move and disengage brain for a few. (In the tech world this will often lead to new insight into a problem we are working.)

    I worked at a place where the cafeteria had really really good food. The cost was low and most employees ate there. Even if you brought your food with you, you went to the cafeteria to eat.

    They had “Ok” coffee, made from real grounds and not K-cups.

    As for females in the programming world? They exist but are rare. Very rare.

    At University the females in computer science were getting “good” grades but they were the ones most likely to be asking for help. The males succeeded or failed on their own. Nobody gave a crap if some guy failed out. Everybody worked to make sure that the females succeeded.

    In the work environment the ratio of females to males was extremely low. At the Tier III level they were all competent but only one ever raised to the level of “good” in my inflated opinion. And she barely stayed there when I asked why she didn’t just look at the code to give the customer the answer needed. She replied that she never looks at the code, that was the developers job.

    In the development side, I don’t think I ever spoke with a female developer. I know there were some because their names were on the commit messages. But nobody I interacted with.

    Later when I was hiring developers our standards for females were much lower. They were competent but none of them were standouts.

    The blunt is that if you are a female in the computer science area and you are good you can write your own ticket. You will be handled with kid gloves because they are rare and valuable.

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