I found this one via cross referencing through parenting blogs.

Design Mom is a mom/lifestyle blog for the upper-middle income mother.  The blog describes itself this way in its About page.

You’re raising a family. You’re working hard — on your projects, on your career. And you want to succeed at all of the above. You like to surround yourself with a community of interesting, thoughtful, smart and compassionate women. You appreciate a daily reminder that you (and the people around you) are doing their best; that there are all sorts of ways to lead a happy life.

And that’s why you come to the popular lifestyle blog, Design Mom.

Design Mom helps women across the globe stay well-informed about up-to-date topics, to manage their home life and their work life gracefully, to learn new things daily. It’s a place to read (or even participate in) captivating, eye-opening, mind-expanding discussions; a place that will give you hope and a gentle reminder that it’s all going to work out.

You’re doing better than you think you are. Really. Reading Design Mom will help you remember that.

The blog covers important topics like Interiors, Parenting, Food, and Style.

It also occasionally ventures into the radical Left, because…. reasons.

So crack open a carton of Franzia, pop a couple of Xanex and let’s take on this insanity.

The first article I actually found on this site was America’s Mood: Eat The Rich.

It is a total defense of the evil zeitgeist “envy is good.”

In 2017, I wrote a post talking about wealth and asking if there was such a thing as too rich? At that time, a lot of the comments were pro-rich people.

But others were critical of the very rich.

The topic of wealth inequality is all over the news right now and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the public mood toward the very wealthy has shifted in a big way — even since 2017.

To me, it feels like pitchforks are coming. The time of glamorizing billionaires is over, and instead they are being seen as suspect and immoral. Recent articles with topics like how to protect fine art on yachts make the average American gag.

Yes, and that is a problem.  The Left’s obsession with victimhood has gotten to the point where the people who have become very successful are condemned as evil and those who are less successful claim the virtue of being the victims of the wealthy.

One take I’ve heard is that animosity toward the very wealthy simply encourages them to take their money elsewhere. When I hear that my mind goes first to this thought: Sounds good, go find your Ayn Rand secret island so we never have to hear your silly name again.

And thus will destroy the economy.  Good idea.

But then, my mind goes to appropriate consequences. Your wealth came from America but you don’t want to use it to benefit America? You fled the country? Okay then, you’ll be stripped of your passport and citizenship. Any assets you might owe the country in back taxes or subsidies you received will be frozen. You’ll be prevented from participating in the American financial system (like the stock market or real estate market) so that you can’t benefit further from American dollars. You’ll not be allowed back in our borders and never permitted a visitor visa. Stuff like that.

See, all those taxes these people paid, the taxes their business paid, all the jobs they created, that’s not enough.  If they choose to try and protect their own income they should be torture and treated the way the Soviets used to treat dissidents.

The rich – and soon the moderately successful and anybody else deemed better off than they should be – are not free citizens but chattel, who have to work to support everyone else.  If they refuse, they should lose all their rights.

This is straight up suburban Marxism.

But surprisingly this is not the article that drew my ire enough for me to post.

It was this one, It’s Too Late. You’ve Lost Your Guns.

So the Franzia and Xanex crowd is going to take our guns.  Tell me more.

Last week, a reader named Amy left a comment on the Protecting Your Family post that said:

“I used to think the same way as you with regard to this thought: “I definitely want you to be able to keep your guns, but….”

But you know what, now I do want to take your guns away. Why do you need them? I want to take them all away. I live each day with a pit in my stomach as I send my young children to school. Why do we have to live like this? Maybe we should start having an honest conversation about wanting to take ALL THE GUNS AWAY!!!!!!!”

Actual mass shootings are exceedingly rare. What isn’t rare is the 24/7 media going on and on about them creating a pathology of paranoia.

What is more of an issue than guns is something I found in Patheos.

Of the 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters, 26 of Them Had One Thing in Common

Can you guess what it is?

Venker goes on to explain that of CNN’s list of the “27 Deadliest Mass Shootings In U.S. History, only one was raised by his biological father since childhood.

“Indeed, there is a direct correlation between boys who grow up with absent fathers and boys who drop out of school, who drink, who do drugs, who become delinquent and who wind up in prison,” she writes. “And who kill their classmates.”

This problem can’t be solved by any policy, or any sort of gun control. It is time to have a serious discussion about the degradation of our cultural norms.

The Sun-Sentinel published this opinion after Parkland.

Fatherless homes a factor in mass shootings

And it is absolutely correct.  But looking at the type of article that Design Mom publishes, I have a feeling that telling divorcees that they are more likely to be the genesis of a mass shooting than your or mine legally owned AR is highly unlikely.

So this is Design Mom’s opinion:

And I replied with this comment:

“Maybe it’s just in the air right now, but I’ve been hearing a lot of that. One thought that occurred to me yesterday is this: A majority of American citizens have been asking, demanding, begging for improvements to our gun safety laws for a long time. The asks have been reasonable and accommodating. The asks have been small changes and simple fixes — like closing the gun show loopholes, or universal background checks. That same majority of Americans who want better gun regulations have listened to opposing views and acknowledged how unique and important our constitutional amendments are. But still, despite the patience, and small asks, and focus on common sense, and wide bi-partisan support for change, no action has been taken.

Gun owners not caving to universal background checks, and attacks on things that the anti-gun crowd clearly does not understand (such as the gun show loophole) isn’t accommodating.  Accommodating is “gun owners need to roll over and play dead.”

Have people reached the point where the majority of Americans are no longer willing to be accommodating about this? Are people feeling like: Hey, we tried to do this in small ways that wouldn’t freak you out, but you wouldn’t compromise even an inch. And now we’re done talking about small ways. We want all guns gone. Our patience is officially exhausted. You had your chance, but you weren’t willing to work with us, and now you’re going to lose your gun privileges.

How has the anti-gun crowd been any way accommodating?  How have they been in any way patient?  What right have they ever given us?  Every national advance we have made we have had to pull, like teeth, out of the courts.

The cartoon Cake and Compromise perfectly sums up the Design Mom stance.

Because of our refusal to give them the inches that they want, they are going to stomp on us and take the whole mile.

My social feeds were absolutely overflowing with calls for an outright gun ban. And the biggest shock is that the calls were coming from lifelong gun-rights supporters.

Umm… bullshit.

I was honestly a bit stunned at the bold demands and am so curious to know if you were seeing the same thing. I’m becoming convinced some sort of tipping point has been reached on the gun situation in our country. This is a quote I read from a friend in Michigan. He’s a middle-aged white man; a lawyer who I’ve always known to be pro-gun rights, and who lives in a county where there are a lot of hunters, so he’s surrounded by gun-owning friends, co-workers and family members:

“Until now, we were never coming for your guns. Those of us who have no real interest in guns simply wanted commonsense regulations. But now, we are coming for your guns. And we’re going to use our vote to take them.”

So, at best, a Fudd.

I hate Fudds.  I hate Fudds for the same reason I hate Lefty and Anti-Zionist Jews.  I hate them worse than I hate anti-gun activists or white supremacists.

They are appeasers.  They feed us to the crocodiles hoping that our bodies will satiate the crocodile’s apatite before they get eaten.  Of course it never works that way.

The Kapo still got gassed, they just got gassed last.

The Fudd is going to lose his hunting rifle when the antis he’s helped confiscate all the AR-15s, decides that his Model 700 is a “military style sniper rifle” and “nobody needs a weapon that can kill a person accurately 500 yards away, that’s only good for shooting people on the battle field.”

I have never understood how appeasers don’t get that.  How they blind themselves to history and reality.


I have never thought it was possible either. Do you remember the 90’s? At that time, no one could imagine we would have openly gay teachers in our schools. Or that gay marriage would be legal. People predicted it would take several generations for anything like that to happen. But that wasn’t the case (thankfully!).

So many times, the things we thought could never happen did. If gun advocates continue to respond to these tragedies with the answer, “do nothing,” then I would not be surprised if in a very short time, guns are seen differently than they are today, and making them all illegal becomes a possibility. The NRA is strong, but even the NRA can not spin these massacres and buy-off enough politicians, when we’re dealing with an endless pile of dead children.

People think guns will never be taken away. But there is a tipping point and I think we’ve reached it. The time for half measures is long gone. And now guns will be banned.

This part is 100% right and we need to take that as a warning.  They will wave the bloody shirt and march with pictures off the dead kids and they will take our guns.

Making heroin and meth illegal hasn’t worked, why would it work with guns?

That feels like a silly talking point. Are guns addictive? Can high-speed, high capacity assault rifles be grown in backyards and fields like drugs? With no high level machining, manufacturing knowledge, and capital?


Comparing guns and drugs doesn’t work. It seems like this kind of “logic” is why gun owners have lost the high ground. We know that guns can be eradicated, because it’s been done before. Many countries have drastically reduced the amount of guns in the possession of both citizens and criminals, bringing death rates from gun violence to almost nothing.

Those were vastly different cultures.  Also, notice how they focus on “death rates from gun violence” and not overall death rates.  Once the guns were banned the criminals switched to knives, then screwdrivers, and now drain cleaner and car batteries.

This is the high ground of ignoring the thousands of people in London who have had their faces melted off with caustic chemicals because so few have been shot.

But it would take strict laws and time. Perhaps five to ten years. And then we would rarely if ever see piles of dead kids. So for me, even though I’ve always been pro-gun rights, I would support a full ban at this point. Personally, I believe it is actually inevitable.

It’s a question of time and a few more thousand children being killed, because gun owners refuse to step up and do the simplest things.

I’m so glad you are looking forward to a few more thousand kids killed to get what you want.  Tyrants never think of a body count in human terms, just as a statistic needed to achieve a goal.

And what simple things do gun owners need to do?  Give up 90% of our rights so you don’t take 100%?

This is like saying “to end rape, we need to kill all men because they refuse to cut their dicks off.”

Why would we deny the rights of 99% of law-abiding gun owners because 1% are bad guys? I am a responsible gun owner.

Is it the 1% who are the bad guys? Gun owners in this country refuse to allow, or fight for, even the simplest most obvious regulations. Just because someone doesn’t pull the trigger doesn’t make them blameless.

Actually it does.  Our judicial system is not based on the idea of collective punishment.

And I think we have to ask: What is a responsible gun owner? It’s a term gun owners like to throw around, but it’s ultimately meaningless. I wish we would define it and then legally make that definition the minimum.

Wow, that’s nothing short of absolutely tyrannical.

Is the father of two who keeps a gun under the driver’s seat a responsible gun owner? Is the grandmother who sleeps with a gun under her pillow, and also gets unexpected visits from the grandkids from time to time, a responsible gun owner? If your guns are stored with the ammunition, are you a responsible gun owner? If their kids know the code to the gun safe, are they responsible gun owners? If he’s never had gun training is he a responsible gun owner? If your kid shoots a neighbor kid with your gun, then should you as the “responsible gun owner” go to jail? If your gun is stolen because you didn’t store it safely, are you as the “responsible gun owner” at fault for any crimes committed with the stolen gun?

It’s not useful to claim you’re a responsible gun owner unless that term is defined and people are required to conform to it.

I’m not going to argue for leaving unsecured guns around children, but this is micromanaging gun owners lives to an almost unenforceable degree.

It is a weapon where, even though nobody is harmed, a person can be declared “an irresponsible gun owner” and be criminally punished.

How about we have the right to declare single moms of boys irresponsible breeders.  We micromanage their lives and how they raise their sons so that they don’t create school shooters?

The time for half measures has passed. A full ban is inevitable. There are other ways to interpret the second amendment. It can be argued that activist courts tortured the plain ‘militia’ language of the amendment into some basic human right. That interpretation could be trumped by a constitutional amendment banning guns.

It’s at least refreshing to hear that every gun control law out there is just a half-measure towards full gun rights revocation.

No solution will be perfect, and one idea does not necessarily preclude another. We can try many different things. Here are 12 smart regulations I’ve seen suggested. None have been taken seriously or advocated for by gun owners. (There are dozens and dozens more on this thread.)

– A true national background check for all gun sales with a fully funded complete database.
– Taking a harder look at who has the ‘right’ to own a gun.
– Defining what responsible gun ownership looks like. Are there mandates there?
– Making gun owners responsible for whatever happens with their gun.
– Making high-capacity weapons illegal.
– Requiring a mandatory 2-month waiting period.
– Requiring fire arm insurance.
– Requiring firearm registration.
– Requiring annual mental health checkups for gun owners.
– Banning bump stocks.
– A lifetime ban from any gun ownership for domestic violence convictions (which funding to enforce). If you are being investigated for any domestic violence crime you lose all guns until it has been settled.
– Allow the CDC to study firearms as a matter of public health.

Other than the DV conviction ban, which already exists, the rest of these are just open ended opportunities for goverment abuse.  Should we really trust the same psychologists who were so happy to swear on their stack of degrees that Trump was too crazy to be president to decided if we should keep our gun rights?

Also, the thread that is linked belongs to the Twitter feed of Muslim IQ, a radical antisemitic American Muslim who wants to impose Sharia law and Social Justice at the same time (not sure how).  They want the people who are the sworn enemies of civil liberties to ration out our civil liberties.

Gun owners need to step up and more vigorously support the debate and the solutions. Gun owners are in the best position to separate themselves from the NRA baloney. And should be leading the front line of solutions, rather than repeating the old clichés and baseless statistics.

Gun owners, after all, have the most to lose — excepting victims, all the families of those killed, and the communities trampled by these events of course.

“Stop resisting and tie the nooses used to hang yourselves.”

The truth is no one was ever coming for your guns. But that is probably changing now that gun owners have offered up nothing but bullsh*t in the face of dead children. It’s just a question of time before voters (including many gun owners) do come for your guns. But you can believe otherwise. Support the NRA. Oppose all gun regulations of any kind. The more people defend the current framework, the quicker we get to the tipping point which I believe is coming (or has already arrived). And sooner than you think.

I have lots of friends who hunt. But I figure they lost their chance to be responsible, to define responsible and to regulate responsible. The NRA sold your rights down the drain with a lot of propaganda and fear mongering that any regulation was going to result in taking all the guns. You should have stepped up much earlier.

“You refused to let us take half your guns so now we’re going to take all your guns.”

This is an incredible argument and one right out of Kafka.  There is no way to defend yourself without opening yourself up to more punishment.

Now, the days of gun ownership are numbered. We are going to vote to take your guns. All of them. Gun owners just don’t know it yet because they are swimming in the cesspool of NRA bullsh*t.

And since gun owners and the NRA have literally no other solutions that don’t sound idiotic to normal people (like armed minimum wage security guards at every door at every school), then I have no sympathy for what is coming some day soon, and probably sooner than those in the NRA bubble expect.

This is pure hatred.  There is no discussion anymore, this guy just wants to make people he doesn’t like suffer.

But what about a corrupt government? As soon as you remove guns, you remove every single protection we have from a corrupt government taking everything from us.

Sorry. Your gun isn’t big enough, even combined with all the other ones, to protect yourself from our military. Plus, it is a silly argument pushed by NRA bumper stickers. You have your vote. If you don’t like the way our democracy works, then that’s unfortunate. But rising up against the government, like is proposed by so many marginalized crack-pot militia groups and white supremacist groups, is an illusion. Of all the different really thoughtless arguments, this one always makes me laugh the hardest. And it’s time we stopped pretending it’s a legitimate argument.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  If gun rights kick off CW2, this guy has no idea how we will fight.

I promise you I don’t want to fight US troops.  I do want to find the author of this post and let his body swing by the neck from an overpass.

These people think that they will be left alone and the military will fight on their behalf.

If gun rights end up being taken by a vote, e.g. like in Washington state, and CW2 happens, Democrat voter rolls will be the most useful way of identifying the bodies in mass graves.

It’s not guns. Our society is totally immoral. In the last twenty or so years a lot has changed. But guns have not. So the only variable that has changed is our culture and societal views/norms. We no longer value human life, there is violence in music and movies.

Guns have always been available. Machine guns have been available since before the 1950s. But mass shootings are increasing. That’s proof society is more evil now.

Two words: single moms.

So if gun owners can’t come up with something, and they continue to legitimize the NRA, then don’t be surprised when the right to bear arms is lost all together. Stranger things have happened in my lifetime, and yours.

And those of us who don’t have any use for guns will have no sympathy when you lose them. (We’ll be sure to send thoughts and prayers.)

Kill yourselves so we don’t have to.

The mask is off, it’s been so for a while.

They don’t want compromise, they want us to give up everything.  They believe our rights should only be what they think we should have at the time and no more, and they are willing to hurt us to achieve that.

It good to know where the Franzia and Xanex crowd stand, and that they think they can vote our rights out from under us.

They are deluded if they think they will be immune from the backlash.

But what is worse is that while they day drink and try to cover up the emptiness inside with a homemade doily, the son they have who is not spending time with the father they divorced after reading Eat, Pray, Love is scribbling down his kill list and they are totally ignoring it.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The Marxist Mommy Blog”
  1. A current candidate for mayor in Chicago has a commercial that says the rich will pay what they owe. More gun regulations to stop shootings like the one in Aurora. But let existing laws not be enforced felons with multiple arrests with guns, straw purchasers not charged, assult on police by felons with guns not charged. The Dems will not stop for anything other than banning all guns. They will have a special police force to go confiscate them and they will not hesitate to kill gun owners

  2. The biggest thing these anti-gun/anti-self defense/anti-liberty folks seem to willfully ignore or actively obfuscate is that nearly all,if not all, of these mass shootings happen due to multiple failures of liberal social policies and/or government incompetence or corruption. The degradation of the nuclear family, the shredding of traditional morallity, every level of government and law enforcement enabling these criminals to act because of political correctness or the narative. And said governments making it impossible to properly defend ourselves and our children. Gun free zones and hundreds of restrictions on our ability to own, carry and use the best tools for self-defense.

    And I’m sick of the Libs always thinking the entire LE community and Military will fall into line with forcible mandatory disarmament. That every person will willingly kill their fellow Americans or stand idly by while their families are being killed for these peoples’ desire for control.

  3. Guns have always been available. Machine guns have been available since before the 1950s. But mass shootings are increasing. That’s proof society is more evil now.

    So … isn’t that an argument for working towards fixing society rather than banning something that (by her own argument) had nothing to do with its degradation in the first place?

    I strongly suspect she knows this, but wants to blame it on guns because otherwise she has to tell people (that she wants to like her) they’re bad people. She’s telling us gun owners that too, of course, but we’re not her usual audience and she doesn’t expect applause echos from us anyway.

  4. The writer manages to sound Kafkaesque and Orwellian at one and the same time.
    Quite an accomplishment.

    How about this, we say to these people: “Ban all families without fathers, force single moms to give up their sons, to be raised in a normal two-parent, male and female, foster home. This will be the law of the land. If you don’t like it, too bad. If you are single, you are not allowed to have children. Any infraction is a first degree felony with a mandatory prison sentence. It’s the only way to put a stop to the mass killings!”

    Can you imagine the outrage?

  5. How many of these self serving know nothing assholes leave their fukkin car keys on the counter around kids?????? How many of them lock up the friggin alchol??? Fuk them. This drivel is getting old. Want to stop school shootings???? Repeal the 1992 gfz law!!! Gggrrr nuff said! Just spent the day at a local outdoor sports/ gunshow. Watching REAL Americans buyin guns and young moms and dads showing children guns and outdoor stuff. Warms me heart.

  6. I’m beginning to understand how a formerly solidly Republican district, GA6, elected anti gun Democrat Lucy McBath. It is suburban Marxist moms voting on teh feelz….God help us all.

  7. It’s not useful to claim you’re a responsible gun owner unless that term is defined and people are required to conform to it.

    You can tell I’m a responsible gun owner, I didn’t shoot you in the face.

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