The ULVN shooting that happened last week is pretty much off the Media radar by now. The shooter was a Caucasian, but the moment it was known it was a university professor (and probably a Liberal), the “importance” of the event dissolved. Other than another statistic to be (mis)used by the Gun Control groups, this is now a non-event.   And the official soft-excuse/explanation/consideration for the guy’s behavior has been already given in this article: ‘Cry for help’: Forensic psychologists weigh in on UNLV shooter’s behavior (

Scholastic Gun Free Zones keep collecting victims and it seems those living in them still fail to see they are just prey-in-waiting, but keep blaming guns for the killings. Yesterday I recalled the argument gun banner keep using against carrying on campus: “It will chill the free exchange of ideas” which is remarkably unfunny when you know the ideas only flow one way with fascistic determination. Heck, being a Jew on some campuses right now means you get to be chased by a mob of angry idiots waving Palestinian flags and chanting about genocide.

Is there evidence that a group of armed individual can sustain arguments and discussions without solving the dispute with guns?  How about concentration a dozen (or a couple of hundred) armed people who know how to shoot in an enclosed area and add a competition mixed with discussing politics and candidates? Because that is what shooting sports is almost every weekend somewhere across our nation. And if the Gun Grabbers’ dogma was true, we would have victims every weekend. Instead, we have a whole lot of paper perforated, a bunch of spent brass and/or hulls rolling around on the ground and maybe a feeling or two slightly scratched and that’s about it.

But we are the dangerous ones. In a sense they are right: We keep proving them wrong.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “The Mass Killing that Disappeared.”
  1. The few anti-gun cultists that are still mentioning it avoid all the details and try to connect it to ‘Assault Weapons’ or some other completely unrelated topic.

    They are all inherently dishonest.

  2. “Is there evidence that a group of armed individual can sustain arguments and discussions without solving the dispute with guns?”
    Sure there is! I do it every game night and every time playing MTG. But of course my experience would be called an anecdote and not evidence…

  3. Who would have thought that an Unlicensed Concealed Weapons and Firearms Florida law would result in Florida Man becoming more sensible and lawful. Seems very evident after almost six months of everyone carrying guns lawfully, that gun crimes have dropped significantly. When everyone is carrying, everyone respects The Gun.
    Of the 67 counties, the 9 liberal dominated counties even show a drop in violent crimes. The other counties are safer than ever.

    1. Indeed. Just like prof. Lott told us many years ago. (Have you read “More guns, less crime”? If not, I’d recommend you do so.)

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