The media always lies about guns

Because the problem is that California with its magazine limits, background checks, 10 day waiting periods, assault weapon bans, required training and “safety certificates,” a requirement to transfer and buy back from a California FFL any guns you already own that you bring into the state as a “personal firearms importer,” doesn’t alread have strict enough gun laws?

This goes beyond ignorance. This us Pravda level misinformation.

2 Replies to “The media always lies about guns”

  1. We have ridiculous-stupid overreaching amounts of “reasonable” (read asinine) restrictions on a Constitutional right here. None of them did a thing to stop this.
    This was a sick individual acting in a gun-free zone, in a may-issue county where CCW is virtually impossible for most people, in a state where the frothing lunatics roam the streets at will, committing serial misdemeanors and felonies with little to no official response, while ordinary citizens have to stay at home locked behind walls, gates, and bars just to stay alive.

    It’s time to turn that the other way around.

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