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I remember the 90’s and 2000’s before Obergefell, when the gay community did its best to publicly distance itself from the slander that gays were child hungry pedophiles.

They won over the majority of the population by presenting themselves as normal people.

That was 10 years ago.

Today it’s LGBT and now That equal rights, e.g. the right to marry and not be discriminated against in jobs and housing, they have gone off the public degeneracy deep end.

Girls who claim to have gone through half a dozen different sexual identities and genders at age 10?  That is not normal.  That is something imposed from outside by perverse ideologues.

Men in fetish gear?

Men with tits shaking their asses at police and children?

There is clearly a double standard here.  If a straight man ran up to a female cop and waggled his crotch at her, he’d be tazed, pepper sprayed, beaten, and arrested.

Again, all in front of children.

And as God as my witness, if my son’s scout troop marched in a pride parade next to a bunch of men in leather puppy play masks, I’d need bail money.

If the LGBT community wants to know why popular opinion on them is falling, this is why.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The modern state of the LGBT community is absolute degeneracy”
  1. Sadly, it’s similar to other groups. Black people who just want to live their lives ate overshadowed by Sharpton-like creatures. Gun owners who open carry a handgun (where currently legal) in the grocery store get overshadowed by someone in CVS in tactical gear*. People who want a smaller, less intrusive government get overshadowed by no government ever anarchists.

    Unfortunately, it’s those at either end of the bell curve that get the publicity.

    * Please don’t dredge up the guys in Chipotle.

  2. 1:00 mark (approx.)
    “The LGBT community is always being misrepresented…”
    No. The LGBT community is being represented by the people walking in the parade, and talking into the microphone. If you want to present a different image, do not complain to the camera, complain to the people walking around you.

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