Things I never thought would happen but did.


This is actually the proper response.

Look at the poll numbers.

If you actually ask Americans what they want about 78% want some form of legal abortion with restrictions.

The vast majority (that 78%) agree to at least abortion in cases of rape, incest, to protect the health of the mother, and in cases of severe birth defects in the unborn child.  The majority, about 65% of Americans, agree to some form of abortion for convenience (abortion for reasons other than the aforementioned) limited to the first trimester, generally between nine and twelve weeks.  Those same people also do not support third trimester or partial birth abortion.

The “ban all abortions, no exceptions for any reason” and “fully legal, no apology, no restrictions” sides are the loudest but are also the minority.  They are the 22% left over from the 78% who want legal abortion with restrictions.

So a rational federal government could easily come up with a law that says something to the effect of “abortion will be legal unger the conditions of rape, incest, to protect the health of the mother, and in cases of severe birth defects in the unborn child, and for convenience up to nine weeks and states can decide if they want to extend that cutoff to up to 24 weeks.”

That right there would immediately satisfy at least two-thirds of the country.

California, New York, and other Blue states would opt for 24 weeks.  Deep Red states would opt for nine weeks.  Purple states would probably split the difference to between 12 and 15 weeks.

The radical 10% on each side would be angry, but fuck them.  We shouldn’t be held hostage by the fringes on each side.

I don’t know what Jim Clyburn would propose for a law but at least it seems from this statement that he’s willing to do the sober work of trying to figure it out.

That is the correct response from a responsible legislator.

All the Democrat politicians shrieking and saying people need to take to the streets are doing it wrong.

Is never thought I’d have respect for Jim Clyburn, but in this instance I do.  He at least has some inkling of how the legislature is supposed to work.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The moment I developed respect for Jim Clyburn”
  1. Right response, wrong jurisdiction. Congress has no business either codifying Roe or restricting abortion. Responsibility for such policy lies with the States, not with Congress.
    Though either action could eventually result in Wickard v. Filburn being overturned, which would be Fun.

  2. Quick search on 78% support, top five (stopped looking) are all lying libtard sites/fake media/evil cunts. I don’t believe 78% of Americans support murdering babies. And as Eric said, it ain’t the feds baileywick to have a say in it in the first place, just as five justices just ruled.

  3. On Clyburn saying something correct. My rule of thumb is that if it happens less than 5% of the time, it’s a random event. It’s like the “p<.05 standard" you usually see in biology studies, so I call it redneck statistics.
    That means I expect that once or twice AOC will actually say something intelligent. Heck, I agreed with Obama at least once in his eight years.

  4. A number of states (OR, CO I remember, I think there are more) currently allow abortion right up to birth, according to today’s WSJ.

  5. Dobbe overruled Roe and Casey, throwing regulation of abortion back to the 50 states.

    Let the states decide. Some will try to outlaw abortion. Some will limit it severely. Some will allow all abortions. California? Since it is run by sick, psychotic, perverted Democrats will likely try to legalize post partum abortion, AKA Infanticide.

  6. I guess you’ve been fooled by Mr. Clyburn. The way I found out what he’s like is from this quote, copied verbatim from an interview some years ago:
    “There’s nothing in the constitution that says the Federal government has got anything to do with most of the stuff that we do.” — James Clyburn (D-SC)

  7. clyburn is an Evil, lying, racist cretin, if his darky lips are moving he is lying his fat ass off. Put a monkey on a typewriter, give it long enough and it will type something sensible. But the monkey doesn’t mean it and neither does that junglebunny suckcocker.
    Don’t ask me what I really think about that demon, I’m not allowed to be a dick.

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