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I have posted about the infamous Iron Pipeline before and once again, I am not surprised that it is all how the wording is parsed to make the news by using the old “Accurate but not True” stratagem. We have been told over and over that “Most of the guns recovered and traced (This word usually gets lost in translation) from crime scenes in Mexico are originated in the US” and this is usually followed by a rant about how easy is to buy a gun in the US without the common-sense restrictions that other countries (Like Mexico?) have and the authors just let you add the two things together in the hope you come out with the false realization that it is the local mom and pop gun store the one feeding the Mexican Cartels’ gun violence against the poor Mexicans.

And the latest attempt has been the Mexican Government actually suing US manufacturers for the gun violence in their country. But unfortunately for them, a journalist revealed that the biggest supplier of guns to the drug cartels is none other than the Mexican Army which apparently has “lost” 30% of its armory to the hands of the cartels.

‎According to official sources, 30% of the weapons purchased in the United States by the Ministry of National Defense “are lost.”‎

‎ The Army is the only one that can legally import weapons into our country. All of Mexico’s police and prosecutors’ offices are obliged to buy the weapons they use from Sedena. The serious thing is that many of these weapons have been secured in criminal acts, some of them painfully emblematic, such as the disappearance of the 43 students ‎‎from‎‎ ‎‎Ayotzinapa ‎‎or the attack on ‎‎DEA ‎‎agents in Tres Marías.‎

I guess that is an inconvenient truth, but how inconvenient?

‎But none of this is what the Foreign Ministry says in its international complaints. It does not suit your legal strategy. The matter is even worse: according to the same sources, when presenting its case to sue U.S. arms manufacturers and distributors, the Mexican federal government had to “shave” the list of weapons of American origin detected in criminal events in Mexico because many of them were imported by the Ministry of ‎‎National Defense‎‎itself. To expose the scandalous fact would be to shoot himself in the foot.‎

This is not going to fly right in court, both legal and the public opinion. If the Biden Administration was hoping to use Mexico’s lawsuit (Which I believe they gave their blessings) as a roundabout way to impose gun control, this article pretty much shot huge holes in that boat.

And as usual, there is more:

‎Other countries that have been detected in Mexico weapons used by criminals are Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Spain and Belgium, according to the same informants. However, and possibly for the same reason, the Chancellery has already dropped its international demands against the Italian Beretta and the Austrian Glock.‎

If I was a suspicious person, I’d say that certain contributions to certain Mexican Private Funds and Organizations may have had something to do with the change of heart about prosecuting Beretta and Glock.

It is a sweet deal: Cover up your fuck ups and make money to boot from both ends of the issue? Priceless.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “The Narrative of the Iron Pipeline to Mexico showing heavy leaks”
  1. Yup. I made this point a while back. The cartels are not going to send Jose over the border to buy a handful of poxy semi-auto weapons from a local store. They’ll subvert a Mexican quartermaster or armorer’s mate, probably with the usual ‘silver or lead’ offer.

    The only ‘civilian’ weapons that wound up in criminal hands in Mexico are ones the ATF sold.

  2. , a journalist revealed that the biggest supplier of guns to the drug cartels is none other than the Mexican Army which apparently has “lost” 30% of its armory to the hands of the cartels.

    I thought the cartels are the Mexican government. They pass the Mexican Army weapons, which they get by the shipping container from China, to the cartels as just another part of the business.

  3. Let’s see if I have this correct.

    A pump shotgun will set you back a minimum of $250 or so at even the lousiest pawn shop.
    Or, you can purchase on off the black market in any number of Central American countries for $20 US.

    Anything better, including full auto firearms will set you back even more if you purchase it in the US. There are plenty of foreign sources for guns. Go there.

    Do you really think the cartels are pissing away money buying onesies and twosies of guns in the US and sneaking them across the border? Hell no. They are buying them in bulk from any number of illegal sources. If a US purchased gun is found at a crime scene, it was either purchased by the victim for self protection, or left there on purpose to thumb the US Feds in the eye.

  4. Well yeah of course, I wouldn’t expect anything to have changed from when Senator Grassley was looking into Fast and Furious. Where most of the weapons came from outside the commercial market (ie. defense sales), and those that did trace to the commercial market came through the Mexican government’s FFL… both of which require State Department approval if I recall correctly.

  5. The fact of the matter is that most Americans could care less about where the criminals in a corrupt 3rd world craphole get their weapons from.

    Trying to use this as a tool to disarm Americans doesn’t really fly, and doubly so when most of us are currently trying to score our own guns and ammo.

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