From the NY Post:

Nursing student Laken Riley tried to call 911 before deadly encounter with migrant: cops

Nursing student Laken Riley desperately tried to call 911 last week when a Venezuelan migrant pounced on her during a morning run, it was revealed Wednesday.

Police documents show that Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, prevented the 22-year-old from dialing the emergency helpline before he dragged her body to a secluded area after the vicious attack.

Ibarra then panicked and likely bashed in her skull when Riley bravely tried to fight back, according to an analysis by a former criminal profiler. Riley was found hours later on the University of Georgia campus with a disfigured skull. She died of blunt-force trauma.

The gruesome details of her injuries in new warrants suggest that the Augusta University College of Nursing student likely fought back when she was grabbed during a run — and her killer likely panicked while trying to subdue her.

“In this case, the offender was met with resistance which he wasn’t expecting, and it got overpowering and he couldn’t control it and he resorted to violence,” John Lang Jr., a former Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigator, told WSB-TV.

“He’s not a very big fellow and he may have been overwhelmed by her size and her strengths and tenacity to fight back.”

It didn’t matter that Ibarra wasn’t a big fellow, Riley wasn’t big enough and strong enough to fight him off bare handed.

And it didn’t matter that Ibarra wasn’t a big fellow, he was big enough to bash in the skull of a 22-year-old woman.

What makes a 22-year-old woman able to effectively resist a man is an equalizer, and there is no more effective an equalizer than a loaded pistol.

Like I said earlier today, Venezuela is flushing its toilets into the US.

So is the rest of South America, Africa, the Middle East, and China.

We have men coming in who are violent predators and do not have any cultural or moral compunction against raping and beating women.

Equalizing themselves against men like that needs to be a priority for women.

Get a carry permit, get a gun, learn to use it, carry everywhere.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The need for an equalizer”
  1. And learn close quarters techniques. You don’t want to shoot yourself if you have to discharge close to your body.

    With revolvers, be aware of where the gas stream ejected from the cylinder / barrel interface could go. You don’t want to be startled after the first trigger pull by getting burned or cut by the jet.

    Granted, a powder burn is far preferable to being severely injured, but it’s still something to work into your close quarters training.

    1. Finally got my wife hers a couple years ago. I’ve had mine for 15 years. Not that either of us carry – we both work in non-permissive environments. I work in a Courthouse, she works in a school.

  2. There are a lot of reasons why women are not equal to men in the strength and aggressiveness column.
    But, one of the worst things that women do is have an attitude of “It will never happen to me.” and guess what? It does happen, and there is no reason why it will not happen to you.
    And, when it does happen, first move is…freeze up. The brain, if unprepared, goes into lockdown. Want a safe (and common) example. Listen to how often someone says “uhhh… errr… uhhhh….” when they are surprised by a question they were not expecting. Brain lock. Imagine it is not a question, but instead someone attacking you.
    All the more reason why women MUST get some self defense training. While firearms training is essential, it must also include confrontations. Hostile situations. Where someone literally forces her to submit. Do that a few times, and the random attack will not be so surprising, and lock up will not lead to assured death.

  3. Something like this is one of the reasons I think I got invited into a half marathon training group from my gym a while back. I’m guessing they figured a 265 pound dude who spent almost his entire adult life within the self defense world isn’t the worst guy to invite to go running with a group that’s mostly women at 0430 in the morning . . . even in a “safe” city. FWIW, it is possible to run 10+ miles carrying a S&W Shield or G19, flashlight, and pepper spray.

  4. I remember a statistic about the percentage of victims killed or seriously injured vs. victim resistance. Don’t remember the actual numbers but they amounted to: safest is to resist with a gun. Next best option is not to resist at all. Worst option is to resist without a gun (or “without a weapon”, I’m not sure).

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