I caught this online.  The important points are screen grabbed because the article is behind the NYT pay wall.



I’m a simple man, making my way in the world.

To me, if I’m walking my dog on a leash and you spray me with a bottle of possible and then attack us with a stick, I’m going to shoot you in the liver.

I really don’t care about your race, your financial situation, your privilege or history of oppression.

Neither do my 135 grain Gold Dots.

The places where I have chosen to live don’t generally have a problem with piss and club armed vagrants who attack people and murder their dogs because we don’t trouble ourselves with the moral quandary of how to consider irrelevant details about violent people prior to defending ourselves.

But in the Progressive shit hole that is New York, self defense is non existent.

The protection of innocent people must be compromised against such considerations like injustice against a dog murdering, piss spraying vagrant because of his race and other factors.

So while the Progressives turn on each other in their desire to seem virtuous by exonerating Captain Pissbottle McMumblesToHimself, the vagrant in question is able to murder more dogs and spray more women with piss.

In my neck of the woods, the dog murdering, piss bottling vagrants is in prion or an unmarked municipal grave.

Either way, that problem is solved.

I may not be a sophisticated Progressive, but I also don’t have to worry as much about getting sprayed with piss and my dog beat to death when I take her for a walk.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The need for Bruen vs Social Justice”
  1. Social “justice “ isnt.. Wheres pita?? Wheres the aspca?? nyc is best at this point, walled off and forgotten about..It would be interesting to know how this has effected the victims views of social “justice “….

  2. “Without further injustice against this man”
    What the HELL! Injustice. What injustice? I see nothing in the attackers history that indicates an injustice. If you are mentally ill, that is not injustice, it is health. Sorry, but you are ill. If you are homeless, that is not (automatically) an injustice. Generally, the homeless are there for reasons of their own choosing. Yes there are the down on the luck ones, but reality is if you are living on the streets, it is something you can change yourself. If you want to.
    Was he fired without cause? Is he an innocent man incorrectly convicted of a crime?
    Idiots assume that homeless, vagrants, illegal immigrants, etc… are all some victims of an oppressive system. It stems from a belief that equal opportunity means equal outcomes. (Otherwise known as equity) In their world, if you are not living in a nice home, with luxuries, it is society that failed. (Damned collectivists)

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