In Orwell’s magnum opus, 1984,  Child Hero was a child who rated out their parents to Big Brother for crimethink.

Today’s Child Hero recruiting borrowers a little more from Brave New World, but us fundamentally the same.


Instead of rating out parents, the new Child Hero rejects their parents and their parents’ teachings and becomes a self indulgent gender and sexually confused Leftist.

Everything that this freak criticizes is the sort of behavior that produces successful adults.

This is what the radical Leftists want, children separated from their parents to be dependent on the state.

Just this version comes not with the stick of Orwell’s Big Brother but the carrot of Aldous Huxley’s hedonistic and libertine Brave New World.

It is grotesque.

But don’t call it grooming, that hurts their feelings.

And I imagine that I am not alone when I say cone between me and my child and will always choose violence.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The new Child Heroes”
  1. Is there a child alive that is not immediately impressionable by an adult in a “trust” position? Is there a child that does not want a teacher to praise them? Is there a child that does not want to be like someone who appears “interesting?”
    This grooming is completely unacceptable because the people calling it brave know (they should know) that the children are going to do anything for praise. A child will (hopefully not, but…) will mutilate themselves because an adult they look up to is going to be proud of them.

    1. Re willingness to self-mutilate for the sake of approval…
      There are how many cultures, current and past, that practice ritual scarification? Either done by an elder or by the child him- or herself? There’s no question of whether a child would; they would, as a part of social acceptance rituals.
      I present here no judgment on said cultures, other than to note that in my mind, there’s a difference in kind as well as magnitude between, say, piercing a lip, and removing organs and appendages. The current cult of gender mutilation is in a whole different class of impact.

  2. The guy in this video does not believe for a second he’s a woman. The bright make-up paired with the five o’clock shadow is intended to stand out and be obvious, to challenge you to remark on it.

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