The new colonials

I was thinking about my post about carpetbaggers.

I realized that is the wrong word for what these people want to do.

They do not come in search of profit.

They come to impose their will on others by volume of numbers, subjugating the existing native culture which they think is backwards, uneducated, and savage under their more enlightened one.

They are true colonialists.  They see Middle America the way the French saw the dark heart of Africa or the English saw India.

The Democrat attitude might as well be sorteneed to “Take up the Progressive’s burden.”

I have never understood this attitude myself.  I just don’t have the arrogance to want to impose my will by domination on others.  I just want your be left alone, maybe to engage in mutual trade if the other party is so willing.

I really think that’s why Congressman Swalwell can joke about nukining us.  The every colonial nation committed atrocities while pacifying the natives.  Even our own nation did horrible things, such as the Trail of Tears under command of yet to be America’s first Democrat President, Andrew Jackson.

If the Calvary could shell women and children with rapid fire artillery at Wounded Knee, they could drop heavy ordinance on us from bombers.  The breach loading cannon was the WMD of its day.

We are all savages in their eyes, to be colonized and subjugated or forcibly educated and converted to their ways.

4 Replies to “The new colonials”

  1. Thanks be unto Athena that they’re all too scared to try. These people cannot live on their own without Mommy and Daddy paying for their health and auto insurance before age twenty-seven… You really think they could handle living in rural Idaho?

    Living here in Portland, it’s quite apparent most of them are frightened of any place more remote than the outer suburbs… They think that a day trip to Lincoln City is daring. They ain’t gonna be able to handle Montana.

    1. Sadly some of them try. They move to Idaho, buy a ranch or a farm (not to run it as an enterprise, just for the remoteness and the view) then complain vociferously when the wind blows from the neighboring feedlot and they “Can’t enjoy their front porch due to the stench,” and want the county to shut down their neighbor’s business. Then of course they find out that the nearest Starbucks is an hour’s drive away, that cell phone and internet coverage is spotty, and that nearly all of their neighbors (except transplants) own firearms, and use them every hunting season, and gasp, actually eat what they kill, oh the vapors.

      1. In my experience (and unlike the Leftists I will admit that personal experience does not equal hard data) the people you describe tend to be older Boomer-generation (and the occasional Gen Xer) Yuppies and not younger Millennials and Gen-Xers.

  2. First they would have to join the military and train for war. How many military would kill Americans for them? Not many. Theres 300 million plus of us. The trick is to get that 300 million to join go n rights groups and make sure they can hear us. They might win the first few but word would spread. We could make libtrads way uncomfy and drive em off.

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