The new Democrat plaform

OZYFEST is some sort of ultra-Left wing music and politics fest that took place in NYC over the weekend.

This was one of the ads for it:

Talk about an insane echo chamber of politics and pop culture.

So this is what Senator Gillibrand, who is on the list of Presidential hopefuls, said the Democrats will do if the Blue Wave takes over the House and Senate.

  1. Abolish ICE
  2. “Humanitarian” immigration reform
  3. Ban everything gun and accessory they can
  4. Universal background checks
  5. Medicare for all
  6. Guaranteed jobs

Abolish ICE and humanitarian immigration reform means open borders.  Gun bans and universal background checks means gun registration and no grandfathering.

Then she has the audacity to say that Obamacare was too conservative and that was the problem with it.

Guaranteed jobs means people getting paid to do nothing because they can’t get fired and the bureaucrats who oversee the system will protect the budget of their program over everything else.

This is about as radical as they can get without actually saying “We’re going to void the Constitution and make America a Communist nation.”

These people have gone entirely off the deep end.  I can’t think of a better ad for the Republicans to run than that clip.

8 Replies to “The new Democrat plaform”

  1. In a sense she was right. Obamacare was a half- or quarter-step towards universal health care, and arguably fused the worst of both approaches (universal coverage and individual choice). It certainly has complicated things dramatically for every provider I know. Better to have done it all at once and let it sink or swim, then paddle along in the current swampy morass.

    Then we could have just done away with it and gone back to something sensible, rather than argue while stuck halfway.

  2. I wonder how many poor souls bought tickets, then stood and then wondered how long it would be before Black Sabbath would go on stage.

    1. …beat me to it.
      When I was a tyke, 97 Rock had the best morning show in Buffalo. The Bearman and Snortin’ Norton, getting you movin’ in the morning. Stuff that the FCC woud have several different species of cow over today.
      One of their riffs was an Agony Aunt show called, “Dear Ozzy”. Went a little something like this.
      [female voice actor]- “Dear Ozzy: I’ve been married to my husband for eight years, but recently he’s acting like he’s no longer interested in me. He comes home from work and goes straight to bed. I’m at my wit’s end! What can I do to rekindle his interest in me? Signed, Frustrated in the Falls.”

      [Ozzy actor]- “Dear Frustrated: What you’ll need is a bucket of pig guts and a live chicken. When your husband comes home, meet him at the door; pour the pig guts over your head, bite the head off of the chicken, and spit the head in his face. It always works for me! Love, OZZY!”

      Why do I get the feeling my version of Ozzyfest would be more fun than theirs?

  3. And Gillibrand is a 2020. Trump should use this if she is. Personally though I don’t think she is presidential material and with things like this trump would eat her alive.

    But this shows that the left want the total and complete destruction of the country, to ruin the economy and to kill all gun owners. I have to wonder what her position is on nuking US citizens on US soil to force compliance with total gun confiscation.

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