During the Trump administration, we saw riot after riot called “protests.” We saw that the “protesters” arrived with weapons, shields, armor, and attitude. We saw them engage violently with the police.

The courts and prosecutors turned a blind eye to the looting, rioting, and violence.

A new normal had been established.

On January 6th, people arrived at the Capitol to attend a speech, rally, and protest. Being law-abiding, they left their firearms and most weapons back in their hotels. Often with somebody to babysit the weapons.

Nothing to put the kabash on a peaceful protest than to come back to your hotel room and find that your firearms have all been stolen.

There was violence that day. There were people pushing and shoving. Nothing we had not seen over the previous year. There were people getting pepper sprayed. And there were people spraying the cops back.

All of that is captured on video.

There were also people that entered the Capitol building.

There does not seem to be anybody actually arrested that day.

No, that happened days and weeks later. The police stacked up and arrested those who attended. It is likely that they limited that to enemies of their state and people identified in the Capitol building. I’m not interested in having that discussion.

On Sunday, many people showed up in Old Town, New Mexico, which is part of Albuquerque.

The new normal suggests that it was a success.

We do not know

For all we know, there is a group of pigs going over all the video of that protest, identifying people. Once they have identified their enemies, we can expect arrests.

I try to be careful with my language. Normally, I talk about law enforcement, cops, police, FBI, or ATF. I don’t call those people “pigs”.

I am calling those people who have sworn an oath to the Constitution, working to infringe on the rights of The People “pigs”.

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By awa

7 thoughts on “The New Normal – It is not”
  1. The powers-that-be seem to be intent on making those they profess to be most concerned about, lose faith in the justice system as fast as possible.
    I won’t speculate on specifics, but in general, you don’t want people to come to believe – rightly or wrongly – they have nothing left to lose. It leads to ugly places.

  2. It seems that the would-be NM dictator is all alone; pretty much everyone else, including a Democrat DA, are denouncing her actions as unconstitutional and refusing to enforce any of them.

    1. I am not sure about that. She might be a stalking-horse … but there is generally deafening silence from both state- and national-level Democrat politicians and leadership re her actions.
      I take silence as tacit approval.

  3. Someone has to sign the citations.

    That makes them the legitimate target of your lawsuit for deprivation of your civil rights under color of law. Make sure your lawyer sues them under both their personal name and professional capacity. Make sure your attorney includes their supervisors all the way up the line to the head of the State Police and state cabinet officers and the Governor herself. Do the same with the state prosecution team all the way to the AG and Governor.

    Remember, Governor Grisham and the NM legislature passed a law removing the Law Enforcement Officers Qualified Immunity. The poor stupid b@st@rd that signs any citation based on an unconstitutional act by the governor is on the hook for it personally now.

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