I don’t think that is an understatement.

If you study the history of the United States Civil War, you would discover that there were many underlying causes.

The power imbalance between the higher population density Northern state and lower population Southern States in the federal government.

Cultural issues between more industrial Northern states and more Agrarian southern states.

But ultimately the rallying cry was over slavery.  The South wanted to maintain slavery and the North wanted it abolished as a moral evil.

That’s not 100% but people needed a principle they could unite behind: abolition vs. state’s rights.

Many of the same underlying issues of the 1850s and 1860s exist today.

Blue states have higher population densities so have high House representation.  The Left has been pushing for years to eliminate or amend the Senate to give high population density Blue states disproportionate representation in the Senate as well.

Blue states economies are centered around finance, digital technology, and the media and  entertainment industries.

Red states, or Red districts in Blue states, have economies much more centered around manufacturing and agriculture.

Things are grown, made, refined, extracted, or mined in Red areas and those things are traded in Blue areas.

This is just another part of my issue of the decoupling of stock value from company performance.  Blue states love to talk about the strength of their economies over Red states.  New York City is home to the NYSE and claims financial credit for stock trading on shares of companies that manufacture nothing in New York.  But I digress…

There are economic, social, and political differences between Red and Blue states or areas (I doubt if things came to blows the inland valley of California would side with LA and San Francisco).

But the singular moral rallying cry, the modern day equivalent of slavery, is child grooming.

Alabama just made it a felony to transition children.  Texas is right on their heels and Florida has a similar bill in the works.

This is the modern abolitionist movement.

Blue states like New York are actively advertising for LGBT families to move there.  I’ve seen GoFundMe pages asking for donations to move families with transgender children from Alabama abs Texas to Massachusetts and California (I’m not linking, search Google if you want proof).

The science, actual science not Leftist “science,” is on our side.

Overwhelmingly, what the Left calls “trans children” are kids with a wide variety of psychological and emotional problems that have nothing to do with gender dysphoria.

Prior to this recent thing, the rate of female to male transition was very low.  Most transgender individuals were male to female.

But in the US and UK, the biggest spike was in girls wanting to be boys.  In the UK, which had taken a pause to study this has realized that most of these girls are having depression and self esteem issues.  They don’t like the attention they get on developing breasts, they may be into sports, they may not like the toxic beauty culture crammed down on women and girls by the fashion industry, many are wrestling with issues of same sex attraction.

I’ve read a number of articles by lesbians saying that girls thar used to be identified as “Dyke” (manish lesbians) are being transitioned.  Similarly, I’ve read articles about the loss of tomboys in America and the UK.

The consistent theme being girls who don’t fit the girly stereotype and are having self esteem issues because of it are being transitioned rather than being given a way to work through their real problems in a healthy and healing way.

Likewise, many of the boys being transitioned turn out to be more effete gays coming to terms with their homosexuality.

Then there are the children who have been conditioned to identify as some other “non-binary” or “gender queer” identity because it gives them social credit.  Rather than being straight with self confidence issues, they are “gender heroes” (not making that up) and get a flag and a holiday and all sorts of support.

This is the worst social contagion and mass psychosis in history, driven by a radical political ideology.

The people who support it support giving children chemicals and cross sex hormones that prevent puberty and normal growth, and go as far as performing genital mutilation surgeries on children.

To put it bluntly, one side says: “a 14-year-old with self esteem problems should be allowed to grow normally and needs psychological help to figure out what is wrong with her and work through it.”

The other says: “a 14-year-old with self esteem problems should have her breasts amputated and be given testosterone and a boy’s name and that will solve his problems, if you disagree you’re a transphobic bigot who wants trans children to die.”

On the latter half of this divide, those people support teachers and bureaucrats proselytizing this gender ideology in schools, transitioning children, and hiding what these children say from their parents.

Several schools in Wisconsin, as revealed joyfully by teachers on TikTok, are providing “gender closets” allowing children to come to school and change their identity, then change back before they go home, and all of this kept secret from the parents.  It is likenend to Superman becoming his authentic self at school and hiding as Clark Kent at home.

In the 1860s there was no moral middle ground between abolition and slavery.  You can’t agree “well… maybe they can be part time slaves.”  No, this is all or nothing.

There is absolutely no moral middle ground between these two points on gender.  Either you believe that susceptible children should be groomed to engage in physically and mentally harmful gender ideology and have it hidden from their parents or you believe that susceptible children should be protected from groomers with parents having the ultimate authority over their children.

And if you want a hill for people to die on, literally kill and die on, it’s a bureaucrat going behind a parent’s back to physically harm their child.

Have a teacher take my child to a school nurse for a shot of puberty blocker.  There will be casualties.

There will be a Harper’s Ferry raid on a children’s gender transition clinic.

Of all the disfunction between the Left and Right, this one, the grooming of children, will be the one that shocks the normies into action.

And like the men of the Union who fought to end what Lincoln called “a great evil” I believe the men and women who fight grooming children will also be doing God’s work.


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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “The next civil war will be over child grooming”
  1. Well-put, and completely agreed. One thing, though:

    “You can’t agree ‘well… maybe they can be part time slaves. No, this is all or nothing.”

    They’re trying to implement a sort of “part time” solution, though: puberty blockers and gender-neutral identities. Put the kids in “storage” as if they’re a commodity that can be held without harm in a state of suspension until someone decides what to do with them. Except these commodities are living, breathing, thinking, growing, and developing people who can’t be held in stasis. They act as if these kids can be slathered with cosmoline like a war surplus rifle and can simply be wiped off later, then used as is or “sporterized” into a new format.

  2. Leftist demoncrats will not stop their Evil agenda, without some serious bloodletting. Morals (they have none), laws (they don’t believe in them), reason (demons aren’t capable of reason), punishment (they are sadists & enjoy it), will not stop Evil, they only believe in “kill or be killed”. Listen to them, they are proud of and LOVE their Evil.

  3. And w/ all the “FL is making laws against non-existent problems”, “It’s not happening in the schools” etc, NJ mandated gender education to 2nd graders.

    They’re trying to conflate it to a TN bill clarifying marriage laws that didn’t include a minimum age because the author didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to claim a child could sign a contract. He’s since added an amendment. The funniest thing is they’re using a cropped photo of a child bride, editing out the features of the islamic ‘husband’.

    And I would bet every single one of the people supporting this grooming thinks college loans should be cancelled because an 18 yr old doesn’t have the capacity to understand long term situations.

  4. Saw a meme the other day, said something like:
    “A transgender child is like a vegan cat. Neither are doing it by their own choice.”
    Few thoughts…
    First of all, I see a lot of “wearing the team colors” happening. Because it is conservatives that are pushing for these anti-grooming laws, the liberals MUST fight against them. Regardless of whether they make sense or not. I would hazard a guess that there are a lot of leftists calling the FL law the “Don’t say gay” bill for no reason other than they heard it on Facebook. If they realized what it actually said, they might support it.
    Next, this advertising stuff, I see that as nothing more than playing/marketing to a trending theme. Realistically, most LBGTQWERTYWHATEVER++++ supporters are not going to move, regardless of how “tolerant” NYC presents itself. It is the same reason why every single TV ad has an interracial couple in it. Playing to the fringe.
    Finally, anyone who tells a child they can keep a secret from their parents needs a good beating.

    1. I would hazard a guess that there are a lot of leftists calling the FL law the “Don’t say gay” bill for no reason other than they heard it on Facebook.

      Someone strutting around chanting “gay, gay, gay” as if it’s transgressive has clearly no idea what the bill says.

  5. The left: “Gender rules are artificial, and any kid should play with whatever toys and play whatever games they want.”
    Also the left: “But if they do it more than an unspecified amount, we will chemically castrate and surgically mutilate them.”

    The left: “Women can do anything men can do.”
    Also the left: “And someone ‘assigned male at birth’ can do it better than anyone ‘assigned female at birth’.”

  6. I hope you are correct, but I’m afraid that there is a lot of inertia that needs to be overcome before anything will happen. Look how long the abortion arguments have been going on. To me, that should have been the “hill to die on”.

    1. Abortion is something OTHER people do to THEIR babies. The trans lunacy is what they’re doing to OUR babies.

  7. I’m an old fogey so I really don’t get why every struggle in life has to result in an emotional breakdown and result in a lifetime of counseling and mood altering drugs (or, in this case, physical mutilation).

    I grew up in the country so maybe the environment was just different, but there were plenty of “tomboys” around when I was a kid. I had a cousin that, into her teen years, would kick the ass of any boy who gave her a hard time about her masculine traits. By that time most of us just assumed she was a lesbian, right up until she got married and had 3 kids.

    She never fell into crushing depression because she wasn’t as girly as the other girls. She accepted who she was and got on with her life. That’s what all of the “tomboys” I knew growing up did…even the ones who actually were lesbians.

    Of course at that time, the only form of “social media” we had was the telephone and CB radio, and the telephone was mounted to the wall in the kitchen. If you wanted to call someone names, you had to do it in person, which often ended in fisticuffs, so you had to be committed if you were going to talk trash about someone back then.

    I’m not convinced that “getting psychological counseling for these angsty kids” is really the solution to this problem. I think our society is broken. Something fundamental needs to change. How about setting the age limit for computers and smartphones at 21?

    If they need a computer to do homework, they can use the one at the library.

    1. We used to have an ideal of accepting what life has handed you, moving on, and making the best of it. The Serenity Prayer was a big thing:

      God, grant me the serenity
      to accept the things I cannot change,
      the courage to change the things I can,
      and the wisdom to know the difference.
      Living one day at a time,
      enjoying one moment at a time;
      accepting hardship as a pathway to peace;
      taking, as Jesus did,
      this sinful world as it is,
      not as I would have it;
      trusting that You will make all things right
      if I surrender to Your will;
      so that I may be reasonably happy in this life
      and supremely happy with You forever in the next.


      Now, well, for too many people — a loud minority, but sadly their volume gets them attention — the least obstacle is “oppression”, tolerance isn’t enough — they want to be celebrated for the most mundane things, and disagreement is viewed as evil, not as someone with a different perspective.

  8. I am so grateful to have been born in a time when being a tomboy wouldn’t get you shot up with hormone blockers. Truly I am. I was the total tomboy and they would have come after me.

    1. One of my favorite tomboys I met 30 years ago, she was part of our soccer team in the local intercompany league. All the rest were men, but she wanted to play and was good. Her last name is Damon, and she wore the shirt number 666. 🙂 And she was happy to take advantage of opposing players not wanting to be too tough on a woman by running right through and over them.

      1. My son played football in the local city league, when he was in the 9-11 year age bracket, they had a girl on their team. Her nickname was “treetop” but I never found out why. She wasn’t a big girl…about average for her age I’d say, she kept her hair braided into pigtails and was cute as a button, which was her secret weapon…the opposition always underestimated her. She was absolutely fearless. She played linebacker and when she tackled someone, they stayed tackled. My son played offensive line and he HATED trying to block her in practices: “she hits harder than any boy I’ve ever played against”. Don’t know what happened to her after that age group. She may have quit playing as the boys started reaching puberty and getting bigger and stronger, or maybe she lost interest as she matured; I don’t know, but at that age, she was a monster on the football field. Your soccer story just reminded me of her.

  9. To play devils advocate you could argue there more trans people because it is more understood now so more people receive that label than they would have in the past and because society in general is more accepting so more people are willing to self identify publicly as such.

    I think there is validity to that argument, but I also think overwhelmingly you are correct, much of it is cause du jour and a lot of it would be if we leave well enough alone most people would be happier in the long run.

    I don’t have kids, but yea, it would be really hard for me to find sympathy for gov going behind parents backs.

    Like with the Florida law, I am also concerned with unintended consequences. What about the kids that do need help because they have a shitty home life and no where else to turn? The problem on the flip side is then you also have the risk of activists carpe dieming each opportunity they see.

    That’s why I always come down to you do you I do me and well be fine. Now to me, fuckung with someones children if they are a good parent is not keeping your hands to yourself, so I’m gonna side with that parent 100% of the time.

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