The next target for destruction: white marriage

Robert “Beto” O’Rourke lost to Ted Cruz in Texas.  In fact, many races in which the media cheered on and/or predicted a Democrat victory, the Republican won.

Very quickly, some “deep thinkers” sought a reason why.

The target they zeroed in on was white women.

This is a disgusting Tweet.  Absolutely and totally vile.  It attempts to shame white women for their choice in candidate.

This hatred of white women for not falling in line with the Progressive agenda is the next Leftist movement.

If you are a white woman, and you don’t buy into intersectionality, you literally support white supremacism.

Clearly, white women voted the way that they did because they hate minority women and LGBT.



The only way for white women not to be sexist, misogynistic, bigots is to vote Progressive.

Or it is that white women vote against their own interests as women, because only Progressives understand what is in the best interests of women.

We saw an attempt to swing white women towards Progressivism before the election with this line of attack.

Tamika Mallory, the Louis Farrakhan loving co-founder of the Women’s March, made it clear that the point of the Women’s March was to use White Women to advance Progressive causes and that white women who didn’t feel served by the movement were bad women.

“The 2016 and 2017 elections continue to show white women’s commitment to voting for the Republican Party,” Tamika Mallory said. “While white women are getting their Becky situation in order we are engaging the people who never get a call from either Party. For example, we plan to focus on states where the formerly incarcerated have voting rights but are not registered at the rates they should be. We will work with existing leaders and organizations on the ground to mobilize these potential voters and ensure they feel they have a stake and a voice. Our highest priority people is to find and work with the people who many traditional organizations rank as lowest priority.”

Woman’s March organizer Carmen Perez doubled down on this.

“Even in the Women’s March, much the work falls on the shoulders of the women of color,” Carmen Perez tells me. “This is a movement where we’re trying to get people to understand that we must follow women of color, where trans folks and indigenous folks and other marginal people must be at the center. It can be hard for the people used to being in charge to step back. Today I went to a meeting about the importance of having black women lead, in Las Vegas. In that meeting several white women said, ‘Don’t forget about us white women.’ Or, ‘It’s about if you are black on the inside.’ I just couldn’t believe that in 2018, as we are preparing for the one-year anniversary, we still had white women trying to make things about themselves. It’s exhausting.”

An article was published in Mashable Dear white women: Here’s how to step up for women of color.

We are two years into the resistance against Trump’s white supremacist agenda, and yet, not nearly enough white women stand up for women of color the way Trent did in everyday life and at the polls. Fifty-two percent of white women elected Trump in the first place, according to exit polls conducted at the time. (Recent research found that number was probably closer to 47 percent of white women.) According to a CNN exit poll, even more white women — 63 percent — voted for Roy Moore, an accused child molester from Alabama who said America was “great” during slavery.

“White women are constantly choosing their whiteness over their womanhood, and they’re choosing to vote for people who will help maintain their white supremacy as opposed to what will help maintain the safety of women overall,” says Rachel Cargle, an activist, writer, and lecturer whose work explores “the intersection of race and womanhood.”

At first glance, this is just the next stage of identity politics.  White Men were the enemy of Progressivism.  Now that white women are voting against it at nearly the same rate at white men, they are the enemy too.

But there is something more insidious here.  I don’t know if it is incidental or deliberate.  This is a direct attack on the institution of marriage.

One of the things that needs to be understood is that white people have the highest demographic rate of marriage with children.

The United States shows striking racial and ethnic differences in marriage patterns. Compared to both white and Hispanic women, black women marry later in life, are less likely to marry at all, and have higher rates of marital instability.

Today’s racial and ethnic differences in children’s family experiences are striking. In 2014, 70 percent of non-Hispanic white children (ages 0–18) and roughly 59 percent of Hispanic children were living with both of their biological parents. The same was true for only a little more than one-third of black children.

The huge numbers of white women that voted for Republicans in 2016 and 2018 were married.

I would go so far as to say married in a more traditional and conservative sense, i.e., the wife taking the husband’s last name, sharing finances, raising children together.

This makes a lot of sense when you think about white women and what their interests are and if they are voting against them.

The recession hit men harder than women, and men in traditional male jobs hardest.  So in the Trump economy, if a wife sees that her general contractor or machinist Husband is making more, working longer hours, doing better at his job, is it any surprise she would vote for the party that made their lives easier?

Their lives.  Everybody in the family.

For married white women in dual income families, abortion for convenience (no anti-abortion law I can find has ever not included a provision for medically necessary abortion) is more of an academic topic than something they are going to be directly concerns about not having access too.  If a married white family with two incomes gets pregnant, statistically they are going to raise that child.

Virtually everything the Progressive movement stands for is against the interests of married women who share finances with their husbands, especially in the working and middle classes.

The Progressive movement is is boon only to unwed single mothers and virtue signaling Liberal elite in non-traditional conservative marriages, i.e., the female celeb married to a male celeb where she doesn’t take his name,  is not partially dependent on his fiances (independently wealthy), and they have a nanny raise the children.

The Nation touched on this a little earlier this year.

The Reasons Why White Women Vote Republican—and What to Do About It

“What’s wrong with white women?” has become a common refrain in progressive political circles. Majorities of white women cast ballots for Donald Trump, despite the fact that Trump faced a highly qualified female opponent who would have shattered the ultimate glass ceiling. The same was true for Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who (as did Trump) faced multiple allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. In Moore’s case, the allegations involved sexual advances towards teenage girls as young as 14.

These elections were not aberrations; white women have voted Republican for the better part of the last three decades. Women of color, black women especially, are responsible for the so-called gender gap in electoral politics and form the core of the progressive base…

Such associations are significant because they reveal how systemic influences like marriage and evangelical Christianity interact with white supremacy to influence white women’s political behavior, through the explicit ideologies they propagate and the more insidious ways they reflect and perpetuate other structural inequalities.

The gender pay gap, for example, has the practical effect of privileging men’s careers—particularly white men’s—over women’s and yoking white women’s economic interests to their husbands’. So for some married white women, a vote for the Republican candidate may appear to be the self-interested choice. Conversely, there are reasons why the most progressive voting blocs of white women are college educated and unmarried. College-educated women’s greater earning power makes them less economically dependent on men and less likely to prioritize the political candidate that will best protect a husband’s earning potential.

What this comes down to is this: if you want white women to stop voting Republican, you need to destroy marriage.

You need these women to think in a way where they are only concerned about their own incomes and not the incomes of themselves and their husbands.  Where they might need to have an abortion at the drop of a hat because getting pregnant is an inconvenience not a family blessing.  Where they are victims of the evil patriarchy instead of the wives of good men and the mothers of good sons.

Mark my words, this is starting as criticism of white women but the goal here will be to destroy white marriage, because that will be the only way to get 80+% of white women voting Democrat in perpetuity.

5 Replies to “The next target for destruction: white marriage”

  1. Gender pay gap- hhhhmmm. If women get paid less than men for “the same job” how come all these men HAVE A JOB. Being a business owner having 2 qualified applicants for a job, IF it was true, wouldnt you hire the one you could pay LESS???? All this bullshit is just more of the lefts divide divide divide, and dumbass A mericans fall for it. I am really tired of it.

  2. “White women: What will you do to to be accountable to women, trans, queer, and non-binary people of color in your everyday lives?”

    That has to be the stupidest quote I’ve seen today. People (of all races, genders, or whatever) are accountable to themselves, their god, their family, and to a lesser extent their country. None of us are accountable to vaguely defined social groups or their political agenda. Should we be polite to different people, of course, should we defend them from harm, to the extent we can, of course. Do we owe different political groups our support by virtue of skin color, external genitalia, or self identified delusions, hell no.

  3. The best response to this type of hate and division is to live a good life with a significant other with love and mutual respect for each other as individusls.

    The people that tweet this stuff are going to live a lonely and unfulfilled existance (even if they are in a relationship).

  4. They are already working hard on the destruction of all society. They started in the 1960’s by destroying black marriages. Now most black children are born out of wedlock. Same with Hispanic children. And all those self righteous white supremacist types shouldn’t be happy, because 40% of white children are now born out of wedlock too.

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