The not so good weekend for the Media.

When newspapers are trying to do a cavalry charge from their mummified moral high horse against the violence “incited” from the President:

To counter what it describes as President Donald Trump’s “dirty war against the free press,” The Boston Globe is urging newspapers across the country to take a coordinated stand against his anti-media attacks.
And scores have already answered the call to battle.
The Globe issued an appeal last week to editorial boards nationwide, urging them to publish editorials this Thursday that lambast the “dangers of the administration’s assault on the press.”
On Saturday, Marjorie Pritchard, the Globe’s deputy editorial page editor, told CNN that more than 100 publications ― ranging from big city papers to small weeklies ― have committed to participate.

More Than 100 Newspapers Are Uniting To Fight Trump’s ‘War On The Press’.

And the only violence against the press comes from your political side and your favorite sons and daughters:


From Breitbart since I could not embed the video: WATCH: Antifa Assault Photographer in DC: ‘Get the F*** Out of Here!


And of course, the usual crap chants against cops.

And yes, fans of the president have called the press all kinds of names, ridiculed them and flipped the bird and laugh at them during live show, but it is has been consistently the Left winged Antifa the ones attacking anybody trying to cover their antics.

Dear Journalists: In case you have not noticed, your controllers have decided you are to be cannon fodder. And since the “Alt Right” does not seem to attack you, your blood will be spilled by the minions of Antifa.
Thank you. 
The Left.

5 Replies to “The not so good weekend for the Media.”

  1. I’d leave a comment about how ANTIFA attacking journalists is bad for our country, but considering 99% of mainstream journalists are nothing more than propagandists, all this did was make me laugh.

  2. I have every bit of confidence that the press will twist this to make it look like the Right is attacking reporters.
    Heck, Antifa could behead every single reporter sent, and the Media will still blame Trump & the Right.

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