I rarely cover anything by the New York Daily News because they are a crap newspaper written by horrible people.

I saw a story they posted reposted by the NYC PBA.

SEE IT: NYPD cop pelted with food while trying to arrest man at Bronx barbecue party

Yes, that happened and it’s bad, but it was at the end of the video.

The New York Post (my preferred NYC paper) also covered the story and their video can be embedded in this post.

Watch the cop in the body armor and white T-shirt at the 23-second mark.

One of the guys in that brawl goes for the officer’s gun and the officer twists away and disengages.

The Chinese food was nothing on a brawl in which someone tried to get a gun away from a cop during a takedown and arrest.

This is how bold the criminal element in NYC has gotten.  This is way worse than getting covered in noodles.

Had the cop not reacted, this could have turned deadly for a number of people.

This is getting out of hand.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The NYPD noodle video is not the worst part of this story”
  1. Also, “noodles” are not “just noodles” if they’re still swimming in the straight-off-the-stove water or oil they were cooking in.

    A “thrown cup of coffee” has its threat level significantly altered if it’s still 190-200 degrees. You can ask the lady who sued McDonald’s about the difference.

    This is what drives me nuts about the “it’s just food, it’s harmless” qualifiers. Food is usually cooked, and that means heat, and heat in sufficient quantities is ANYTHING BUT harmless.

    Alternatively, going back to “milkshaking”: they could actually be milkshakes and not quick-set cement, but the threat level goes up quite a bit if it’s spent a few hours in a freezer and is now two pounds of solid rock-hard ice.

    Those buckets of water a couple weeks back could go either way; boiling or frozen, they are suddenly not “just” buckets of water.

    Don’t underestimate the various threats “temperature” represents.

    Just sayin’.

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